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10 Best Mephisto Marvel Comic Book Storylines

Sasha Baron Cohen will reportedly play Mephisto in the upcoming Iron heart Disney+ streaming series. Although the mystical demonic entity shares no connection with Riri Williams in Marvel Comics, the best comics stories of her likely point to how her character evolves in the MCU. That makes the iconic character’s comics a must-read for MCU fans.

Mephisto plays a crucial role in landmark comic book stories like The Infinity Gauntlet and One More Day, both of which have already inspired the MCU in their own ways. Although he remains in the shadows in live action, his comic book past with established and emerging live action characters offers a glimpse of the future.

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The power and the prize

As is often the case with Marvel Comics characters, the best place to start is at the beginning. “The Power And The Prize” introduces Mephisto to the Marvel Universe in silver surfer #3 in 1968. Mephisto above all else seeks to corrupt and in the Silver Surfer, a former powerful herald of Galactus, he finds the ultimate challenge.

Mephisto seeks to acquire the Surfer’s soul due to his utter goodness, though his plans ultimately fail. Mephisto also explores Norrin Radd’s tragic past, something the MCU could use to explore both characters.

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Mephisto’s possible debut in the MCU coincides with several other supernatural characters like Moon Knight. Moon Knight joined the Midnight Sons against Mephisto in Condemnationan excellent story where the villain takes over Las Vegas, transforms the Avengers into demons, and forces a mystical showdown with Doctor Strange.

Comic book fans know that the Midnight Sons includes many characters now entering the MCU, and that Mephisto battles them in several key storylines. That makes his eventual confrontation with Mephisto in live action all the more likely.

One more day

One more day remains controversial among Marvel Comics fans for dissolving Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage. This retcon remains in place nearly fifteen years later, demonstrating the rare exception in comics when it comes to changes to the status quo. Still, given his influence, it ranks among the best Mephisto stories in comics.

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If nothing else, the story placed Mephisto resolutely among the most powerful magical beings in Marvel Comics. He erased all knowledge and memory of the marriage from the Marvel Universe, in some ways inspiring events in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

black heart

Legendary X-Men comic book artist John Romita Jr. gives Mephisto perhaps his most dramatic makeover ever. Reckless #266. This matter and black heart The story that emerges from it provides a fantastic new artistic template for the MCU, as well as an iconic character showdown between the devil and The Man Without Fear.

Much like the Silver Surfer, Mephisto seeks to corrupt Daredevil. He finds it difficult thanks to Matt Murdock’s devout faith, but the story makes for a unique exploration of both characters that could inspire events in Daredevil: Born Again.

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Many fans speculated that Mephisto would make his MCU debut in Wanda Vision And for good reason. The villain plays an important, albeit minor, role in the main story of a comic that inspired the series. In avengers west coast #51 and 52, the Scarlet Witch discovers that her sons, Tommy and Billy, are actually derived from fragments of Mephisto’s soul and, in effect, do not exist.

Mephisto never materialized in Wanda Vision but that doesn’t mean his relationship with her in the MCU is over. Both characters possess incredible magical power that makes a meeting and probably a confrontation inevitable.

hearts of darkness

A key Mephisto comic book story for any fan, especially those interested in Midnight Sons, takes place in hearts of darkness. In this graphic novel from the 1990s, Mephisto’s powerful son Blackheart kills his father and takes over his kingdom. Mephisto survives through magic and seeks to restore his body and his rule in Hell.

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Mephisto once again attempts to acquire the Silver Surfer’s soul, but fails, leading to his apparent complete death. He eventually returns to his form, evidencing his immortality and his incredible power.


Mephisto wields tremendous power and Silver Surfer: Judgment Day, a 1988 graphic novel, puts it on display. In this story of an iconic creative team including Tom DeFalco, Stan Lee and John Buscema, Mephisto’s ambition to collect the Surfer’s soul is thwarted when he interferes with Galactus’ current herald, Nova.

This leads Galactus to confront Mephisto within his own kingdom. The resulting battle creates fantastic stakes and visuals for the MCU to potentially take notice of on screen, especially as it shows Galactus as the more powerful villain.

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Mephisto vs.

Mephisto gained a major showcase in the 1980s with a limited series collection called mephisto against. These pitted him against the heaviest hitters in Marvel Comics, including the Avengers and the X-Men, and include several powerful moments and threads that are likely to pay off in the MCU going forward.

Mephisto vs. Fantastic four ranks high among these miniseries. Mephisto seeks revenge against the superhero team, but it ends in disaster for him in Fantastic four #276, where a young Franklin Richards destroys Mephisto.

triumph and torment

Comic book fans know that Doctor Doom’s origin involves Mephisto. Her mother made a deal with Mephisto that left her stranded in hell. triumph and tormentA poignant and moving graphic novel from 1989 written by Roger Stern and drawn by Mike Mignola, sees Doom travel to Hell alongside Doctor Strange to rescue his mother’s soul.

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The shock in the story helps make Doom more human, even as the art offers a fantastic story with epic battles and visuals ready for the MCU to adapt.

the infinity gauntlet

the infinity gauntlet sits at the top of the biggest comic book stories in Marvel history. Mephisto played a role that underlined the true nature of him. He tried to gain influence with Thanos once the Mad Titan used the gauntlet to destroy half the universe. His desire for more power from him only showed how powerless he really was.

Mephisto schemes and lies to gain Thanos’ trust, but underestimates Thanos’ power and insight. Mephisto finally turns on Thanos, but it’s too late. Thanos locks him in a stasis field, rendering him inert.

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