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10 Best Movies Like Netflix’s Do Revenge

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from netflix get revenge it feels like the Super Bowl for fans of the teen movie genre. The original film was released on September 16 and is well on its way to becoming a classic. Inspired by Hitchcock Strangers on a train the dark comedy centers on two teenage girls who team up to get revenge on each other’s bullies after being wronged. While it may seem like the plot of any other teen movie, get revenge pull off one of the best turns that will have the audience asking for more.


Fortunately, there are tons of movies that are similar in tone, theme, and character. In fact, the creators of the Netflix movie He even took inspiration from various teen and revenge movies to create the flashy and original Get revenge. From teen classics from the ’90s and early 2000s to movies released this year, fans looking to see more movies about determined teen girls are spoiled for choice.

Clueless (1995)

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Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

One of the best 90’s teen movies of all time. clueless is a modern version of Jane Austen’s novel emma. The film follows Cher Horowitz, a rich and popular high school student who takes a new student under her wing and gives her a makeover to make her popular. Cher is also busy acting as a matchmaker for one of her teachers.

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While Cher doesn’t have a grand revenge plot like the young women in get revenge, her high-status attitude and life are very similar to the way Drea and her ex-friends live. Cher and Drea also learn that popularity isn’t everything when they fall from the top of the high school food chain.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

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Selma Blair Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions

1999 cruel intentions follows two high-society stepbrothers who make a bet on whether Sebastian can sleep with the headmistress’s virgin daughter before the end of summer. The cult classic served as one of make revenge main sources of inspiration.

Both movies not only feature compelling teen characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want, but also feature the star power that is Sarah Michelle Geller. In fact, writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said that she used the Geller method. cruel intentions character to discover how to write lines for the character of the director in Get revenge.

Crush (2022)

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Paige and AJ at a party in Crush (2022)

After being accused of vandalism, a young artist is forced to join her high school track team, of which her crush is a member. As she spends more time with the team, Paige ends up falling for the twin sister of her crush.

I like it take revenge, crush it’s full of smart teen girls, LGBTQ+ characters and stories, and even features an epic twist of its own. While Paige is a combination of Eleanor and Drea, AJ seems to emulate a less dangerous version of Eleanor, with her own secrets. In short, they are all flawed teen characters that fans love.

Heathers (1988)

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Heathers cast e1531240858503

the iconic heathers is the original black comedy, teen girl revenge movie that inspired generations of movies to come. Tired of her life as a popular student, Veronica teams up with a new student to murder her popular friends and make her deaths look like suicides.

While Eleanor and Drea don’t decide to kill for revenge, they still have a lot of memories of Veronica and her mission in heathers Like Drea, Veronica has grown tired of cabal politics and wants to go back to being “normal.” In addition to being similar in theme, get revenge also pays tribute to Heather with a croquet scene.

Jawbreaker (1999)

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Courtney, Marcy, and Julie walking down the aisle in Jawbreaker

Inspired by Heathers, Jawbreaker centers on three popular high school students who kidnap their best friend and prom queen on her birthday, only to accidentally kill her when they stuff an offender into her mouth. Now the three must figure out what to do with the body and themselves before anyone gets suspicious.

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Weather Jawbreaker is not a story about seeking revenge on people who have hurt you like get revenge, both movies present teenage girls in a somewhat frightening way, as they are consumed by secrets, lies, and the desire for popularity. Of all the characters, Courtney is the most similar to Drea and Eleanor and follows a similar guilt arc when Eleanor briefly reaches the end of Get revenge.

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

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The girls from John Tucker Must Die walking down the aisle laughing

John Tucker must die is a forgotten teen movie from the 2000s that deserves to be remembered. After discovering that the most popular boy in school is dating all of them, three girls from different clans team up to transform the new girl into the girl of John’s dreams and finish him off once and for all.

make revenge Max is the spitting image of John, as both popular teen boys are masterminds, strategically choosing teen girls from different cliques to date so the girls never find out. Also, both of them never face consequences for their actions. In the end, it’s the power of friendship between teenage girls that brings down these misogynistic men.

Mean Girls (2004)

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"the plastics" in Mean Girls (2004)

2004 Bad Girls is one of the most iconic teen movies written by a woman, and with good reason. The film follows Cady Heron, a new student who infiltrates the popular cabal under the guise of bringing them down, but eventually becomes obsessed with being popular herself.

Bad Girls walked like this get revenge it could work. Both movies feature new students trying to take down the popular clique that has wronged another student. Additionally, both feature storylines of girls spreading hurtful rumors about another girl’s sexuality and plot twists. There are also several callbacks in get revenge a Bad Girls, especially the iconic chaotic hallway scene in Bad Girls.

It’s Not Okay (2022)

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Charles, Danni and Rowan in It's Not Okay

This years Not well is one of the most divisive movies on Hulu. The satirical black comedy centers on Danni, an aspiring influencer who pretends to be a survivor of a deadly terrorist attack that occurred in Paris when she was pretending to be there.

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Like Eleanor and Drea, Danni is a morally gray character who thinks she’s acting out of the goodness of her heart, but makes more selfish mistakes than she should. Social networks play an important role in the lives of these three characters, and although it is still up for debate if they learn to be better people, at least they end up better than they started.

The Other Woman (2014)

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The other woman it’s a revenge movie for women who are no longer teenagers, but it’s still just as valid as teen revenge movies. After discovering that her husband/her boyfriend has been secretly seeing the three of them, the women decide to keep him alone as a way to get back at him.

The other woman is the perfect movie for fans who enjoyed Drea’s plan to defeat Max in Get revenge. While the revenge on The other woman it’s a bit meaner and less calculated than Drea and Eleanor’s plan, it still evokes the same sentiments. Also, both movies end up being about women coming together over being wronged.

Thoroughbred (2017)

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A bloody Lily lies on Amanda's lap at Thoroughbreds

2017 pure blood is a black comedy thriller film that centers on two high school friends who are reunited due to their plot to kill one of their stepfathers by blackmailing a local drug dealer into being their hit man.

Although more violent than get revenge, Lily and Amanda are two wronged teenagers out for revenge, just like Eleanor and Drea. Their unlikely friendship is the heart of the film and the perfect counterpart to Get revenge. Although, unlike get revenge, Lily and Amanda don’t get the perfect happy ending in the traditional sense.

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