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10 Best Non-Justice League Heroes Still Missing From The DCU

Despite having one of the most beloved and highest-grossing action stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, in the lead and a relatively incredible opening weekend (earning more than $67 million, Mojo Box Office), black adam could be considered a flop for DC Studios. That will cast doubt on the possibility of a sequel and the big fight between Black Adam and Superman that Johnson wants. No matter, black adam it gave the DCU the JSA, an alternative to the Justice League, to explore. Oddly enough, that’s where the DCU has found success for many fans: delving into stories and characters outside of Justice League, as in the suicide squad either Pacifier.

If the DCU manages to stay afloat at this time of change, they should go back to stories featuring the Justice League while also introducing characters like Peacemaker who aren’t part of the team. Interestingly, there aren’t actually many characters who haven’t served in the Justice League in the comics, given their prolific history. However, these particular heroes would be more than worthy of joining the DCU either in their own show or movie or as supporting characters in future projects.

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Rachel Roth standing with her arms outstretched as Raven in DC Comics

One thing the DCU lacks are sidekicks and supporting heroes like Robin, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl (all of whom have been part of one of DC Comic’s most prolific teams, the Teen Titans). Overall, the team would be a nice addition to the DCU, but Raven, in particular, would be welcome in a big movie format. Not only could they delve into some supernatural stories, but their powers would also involve some fascinating special effects.

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Of course there is titans on HBO Max which would likely restrict his inclusion in the DCU for now. However, given the fact that Dick Grayson was once Robin years ago in the DCU, Raven and the Teen Titans could be presented as adult heroes, which would help set them apart from titans.

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Red hood

Red Hood standing in the rain in DC Comics

Batman finds himself in a perplexing situation in the DCU thanks to the batman, which could limit the opportunities to introduce some of its best supporting characters, including members of the Bat family. If they could find a way to do it, Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) would be a nice addition. He was the second Robin to be killed by the Joker and later resurrected as the villain-turned-anti-hero, Red Hood.

Narratively speaking, they would have to do a lot to prepare Red Hood for the DCU (although they might go back to acknowledging the fact that they killed off Dick Grayson earlier). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for some reason instead of Jason Todd). That could allow him to appear as the Red Hood, and he could serve as the main antagonist in a Batman movie before becoming an anti-hero.

icon and rocket

Rocket and Icon standing together with arms crossed in DC Comics
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Peacemaker is a special character compared to Superman or Batman in that he is actually an original creation of Charlton Comics (later integrated into the main DC Comics continuity). A similar situation happened with Milestone Comics, which released comics aimed at improving the representation of minorities in the industry. Two of his main characters who have since become integral parts of DC Comics and would make fun additions to the DCU are Icon and his partner Rocket.

Icon is an alien with some powers that could rival even Superman, while Rocket is a teenage human who convinced him to become a hero. She joined him as his protégé and used some of his alien technology to manipulate kinetic energy. Together, they would definitely be worthy of their own project, especially a show on HBO Max.


Static using his electric powers in DC Comics

Icon and Rocket hail from what DC Comic calls the Dakotaverse, along with other major heroes Hardware and Static. In particular, Static would be a great addition to the DCU. In fact, in 2020, at DC FanDome, it was announced that a Static film was in development, produced by Michael B. Jordan (via Variety). However, as there hasn’t been much news since then and the general state of DC Studios, this doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.

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Regardless, if teen heroes come into play in the DCU, Static should be one of the first to appear. To his credit, the electrokinetic hero isn’t a sidekick, like Robin or Aqualad, and, as such, his presentation isn’t dependent on that of an adult hero.

Wonder Woman (Nubian)

Nubia flying through the air in DC Comics

The recent news that Patty Jenkins decided to walk away from wonder woman 3In addition to the overall state of the DCU, it probably means audiences won’t be returning to Themyscira for a long time. It’s a shame, as they have yet to introduce some iconic Wonder Woman characters, including Nubia.

Importantly, she is the first black female superhero in DC Comics (via geek den) and, in recent years, has become a major character in comics, headlining several of his own careers. With the same strength as any Amazon and her own magical weapon as the Lasso of Truth, her Staff of Understanding, Nubia is one of the few characters who could actually go toe to toe with Wonder Woman.

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midnight and apollo

Midnighter and Apollo preparing to fight in DC Comics

Midnighter and Apollo were first introduced by WildStorm as a play on Batman and Superman, but in 2011 they have since been integrated into the main DC Comics continuity. They are both part of Stormwatch, a secret superhero team that has been working in the shadows to protect Earth from alien threats since the Middle Ages. Overall, the team would make for an epic show on HBO Max, but Midnighter and Apollo together could run their own.

Unlike Batman, Midnighter has some powers, demonstrating a form of precognition that allows him to know the outcomes of most situations. He’s also defined by his gratuitous violence, so any story involving him could bring the DCU closer to his. Boys. Apollo’s full capabilities could rival Superman’s and he is also dependent on the sun. Together, they’re a truly dynamic and fascinating superhero duo and couple, which would help in the complete lack of queer representation in the DCU.

lady black hawk

Lady Blackhawk winking in DC Comics
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Birds of prey saw the formation of the team made up of Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya. One member still missing is Lady Blackhawk. Zinda Blake was initially introduced in 1959 as a hopeful member of the Blackhawks, a World War II team of pilots. Eventually, he crossed paths with major superheroes and joined the Birds of Prey, being the person who coined the name in the comics.

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She and the Blackhawks could be an interesting expansion to the DCU. Lady Blackhawk could be involved in Birds of Prey (just like in the comics), or they could just show an insular wartime story very different from the DCU mold. She might be a good choice to make her own version of top gunmaybe something related to Wonder Womanbefore something brings the character to the present.


Wildcat about to attack in DC Comics

Weather Bat girl was archived, it seems that black canary it will go ahead and star Jurnee Smollett in the title role. She will likely focus on her backstory and show her journey to become one of the best fighters in the DCU (which will likely involve the introduction of Ted Grant aka Wildcat). In addition to mentoring her, Wildcat is also a prolific member of the JSA, and since they’re apparently the top super-team in the DCU (as shown in black adam), it makes your chances of appearing more likely.

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Wildcat is a world-class boxer with an unexpected mystical twist. He literally received nine lives as a cat and remains in top physical condition of him (meaning he can be relentless in a fight). If he shows up in costume, rather than just as Ted Grant, they’ll have to make sure to differentiate him aesthetically so he doesn’t look like a Black Panther pastiche.


An image of Kilowog looking angry in the Marvel comics.

Perhaps the most glaring omission so far in the DCU is the Green Lantern Corp. They have appeared in the DCEU before, with one fighting Darkseid alongside the Amazons, Atlanteans, humans, and gods in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (and then John Stewart was supposed to appear initially as well, but that was cut). A Green Lantern Corps The movie has supposedly been in the works for a long time, though like many other DCU projects, it remains a mystery. Regardless, along with core players Hal Jordan and/or John Stewart, they’ll need to explore Kilowog (or a more alive version since his corpse can be seen in Knightmare).

Kilowog is often shown as a leader and instructor in the Green Lantern Corps who develops an important friendship with Hal Jordan. Naturally, he’s worked with the Justice League many times, but he’s still not listed among the team’s ranks. However, in the DCU, when it comes to major crossover events, Kilowog will certainly have a role to play if he’s introduced by then.

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jonah hex

jonah hex james gunn tease

Another character that would allow DC Studios to play with genres and tropes in the DCU is Jonah Hex. He is a bounty hunter and anti-hero, best recognized for his unexpectedly noble personal code.

Jonah Hex hails from the late 1800s, and as such, his inclusion in the DCU would remain largely intimate and removed from the main narrative. However, he could easily be brought in when needed for a big crossover event like crisis on infinite earths further down the line.

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