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10 Best Side Characters In Glee, According To Reddit

As Lea Michele enjoys her fun as Fanny Brice on Broadway funny girlfans are celebrating the victory of the actress who landed her dream role earlier this year (for The New York Times). Michele became famous for her role in Happiness as Rachel Berry, a fierce and determined girl who wants to become a Broadway star.

However, this character did not grow well for many of the fans. Rachel is seen as manipulative, selfish, and sometimes evil. Still, there are other characters in Happiness who, while not a huge part of the show, are believed by fans to be some of the best characters on the TV show.

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10 Rory Flanagan

Rory arrives at McKinley High as an exchange student from Ireland in season 3 of Happiness. The affable personality and great sense of humor of this character immediately won him the love of the fandom. Some people also sympathize with him because he has a hard time being away from home and fitting in with the rest of the students.

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However, this character has created some controversy in the fandom. Others believe he is troublesome as he tricks Brittany into thinking he is a leprechaun and convinces Sugar to be her Valentine’s date by telling her that he is going to be deported. Still, Redditor celticthunderhead is moved by “how much he tried to fit in.”

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9 roz washington

Roz is the coach of the synchronized swimming team at McKinley High and is later assigned to help coach the cheerleading squad as well. Because of that, she instantly becomes Sue Sylvester’s rival, but Roz is not intimidated by her older woman.

This character comes up with the funniest responses, mostly towards Sue, for which Roz has some of the most iconic quotes in Happiness. This has made her a fan favorite as Sue is a terrible trainer (and person). A deleted Redditor comments that “From the moment she gave that speech to Sam, I liked it, but when she hurt Sue’s feelings during that cheerleading practice, I was sold.”

8 Dave Karofsky

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Although Dave starts out as Kurt’s bully, Kurt soon redeems himself when it becomes apparent that Karofsky is struggling with his own sexuality. A lot of people connect with how this character changes his life, accepts the fact that he likes boys and becomes a better person.

Littlewitch34 on Reddit explains how “they cried when Dave did it on the show when he apologized to Kurt. He had the biggest smile on my face when he ran off and joined the crew doing ‘Thriller/Heads Will Roll.’” Though Happiness going off the rails at times, the show still managed to create well-developed characters that resonated with the audience.

7 burt hummel

Burt Hummel was Kurt’s father and possibly one of the best fathers on television. He fiercely defended his son throughout the show from anyone who showed the slightest sign of discrimination against his son, even though she had a hard time relating to him.

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A Reddit user with a deleted account comments: “I love Burt Hummel. It’s very well written and Mike O’Malley is a great actor. In the Lady Gaga episode when he criticizes Finn for using the word ‘fuck’ he gives me chills every time.” Burt Hummel is a representation of good parenting, particularly for those who are in the process of discovering his sexuality.

6 jesse santiago

Although Jesse started out as a lousy boyfriend for Rachel, even betraying her and throwing eggs at her, he ends up being her husband. Jesse grew up throughout the series and Rachel can understand a person who would do anything to achieve stardom.

Not everyone is a fan of Jesse’s sarcastic comments and cocky attitude, but others find him funny and talented and even criticize his relationship with Rachel more than Finn’s. Redditor Numerous_Blueberry_9 thinks “Jesse was fun to watch” and it’s undeniable that Jonathan Groff did a great job with this character.

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5 lauren zizes

Lauren joins the glee club in the show’s second season after she begins dating Puck. Although Lauren acts erratically and aggressively at first, she is one of the best characters on Happiness. Very soon, viewers find out that this character is not only confident and talented, but also has a sweet side.

Unfortunately, despite Lauren’s great voice, the show didn’t give her as much screen time as she deserved. As redditor john_muleaney puts it, “Lauren’s rendition of “I Know What Boys Like” is criminally underrated,” which is the only solo performance of hers.

4 Sugar Receive

Sugar Motta tries to join the glee club in season three, but Will doesn’t take her on because she can’t sing. This motivates the spoiled rich girl to convince her father to donate to McKinley High, so she can start her own glee club with Shelby Corcoran as coach.

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Although Sugar starts out as an unpleasant character, always trying to be the center of attention and deliberately making negative comments about people without feeling guilty, she slowly finds her place in the glee club. Redditor abbiewe1sh wishes “she should have been a main character instead of one they’d come back for when they needed her.”

3 the warblers

Dalton Academy’s all-male glee club has attracted a huge fan following. This charismatic and upbeat group of guys is the best club in Dalton, and they quickly accept Kurt as one of their own. Although The Warblers have an unexpected dark side, like when Sebastian Smythe hurts Blaine’s eye, fans can’t help but love them.

Reddit user Low_Sail_888 explains how “something about them has always captivated me. They’re always having a good time, and they’re so funny and cute. And they have the best songs! (And FanFiction)!” Despite their faults, The Warblers seem to get along much better than New Directions, and fans fell in love with their dynamic.

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two suzy pepper

Although Suzy Pepper only appears in a couple of scenes in Happiness, she created a great impact on the audience. This character is shown as an unstable McKinley student who is deeply obsessed with Will Schuster, to the point that she hurts herself with a very hot pepper after feeling rejected by him, one of the reasons everyone hates Will.

However, after months of therapy, the show portrays Suzy much better. Redditor Gifugal comments that “Suzy Pepper had an interesting story and she could really use a little more.” Although Suzy’s story is portrayed as a comedic skit, it would have been better if they had continued to use this character for the rest of the show.

1 Stoner Brett

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Stoner Brett is primarily a background character who serves as comic relief. As his name suggests, the boy is apparently always on drugs. Even though he tried to join the glee club, his singing was horrible and he was rejected. However, the character can be seen hanging around in most seasons of the show.

Although Brett is not a big part of the show, many people enjoy the funny moments of his character. Reddit user harleyquinn_fabray says “Stoner Brett was always fun and I wish he had been there more.” The glee club certainly could have used a cool, laid-back character like Brett, for a change.

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