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10 Best Ted Talks About Electric Vehicles

EV Ted Talk

With Elon Musk’s recent announcement that the Cybertruck could briefly function as a ship, enthusiasm for the electric vehicle industry is at an all-time high. Over the last decade, the world has moved rapidly towards electric vehicles. Companies like Tesla Y Rivian The whole EV revolution started, but other legacy automakers are also joining the movement. The development of electric vehicle technology has also undergone tremendous change in the last 10 years.


While people are aware of the rudimentary science behind why electric vehicles are considered the future of transportation, it’s always interesting to hear different perspectives from people who are at the top of their respective fields.

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olivia lazard

Olivia Lazard is an expert on environmental peacekeeping, and through her Ted Talk, she sheds light on the geopolitical side of the transition to electric vehicles. Olivia argues that the countries that control the production and supply chains of the minerals involved in the production of batteries and other components will play a central role on the global stage.

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Olivia also advocates de-escalation of competition for resources. It is important not to make the same mistakes that led to the climate crisis in the first place. This political perspective of the electric vehicle revolution is rarely accepted in everyday discussions and most electric vehicles focus too much on their success in developed countries.

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akshay singhal

Akshay Singhal is co-founder and CEO of Log 9 Materials, the 2019 Forbes Asia Under 30 Award winner who has been at the forefront of solving the pressing global problem of climate change. Akshay argues that while electric vehicles have the potential to affect climate change in a positive way, current manufacturing methods and technology could make them dirtier than diesel.

Akshay argues that by changing the method of vehicle charging, the environmental cost of electric vehicles will be greatly reduced. He also advocates for the use of batteries that have longer life, lower range and higher efficiency, which are also some of the most important factors for people’s preferences in electric vehicles. It is one of the rare talks in which the defender of electric vehicles brings up the current problems in their manufacture and use.

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Denis Lighthouses

Dr. Denis Phares is the CEO of dragonfly Energy, a company focused on building energy storage systems for renewable sources of electricity. Dr. Denis argues that the world moving rapidly towards electric vehicles may quickly overwhelm the current state of power grids around the world. He also raises the problem of the intermittence of renewable energy sources in some regions.

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Dr. Denis suggests that instead of burning more coal and oil to produce electricity, a more sophisticated system for storing renewable energy may solve the problem. This is also a unique perspective on the EV transition. As the demand for electric vehicles increases rapidly and developing countries also begin to jump on board, the strain on current power grids and production will also see a sharp increase, which could have the opposite effect on the environment, depending on how energy is produced

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Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen

Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen has been one of the main driving forces behind tesla motors. At the forefront of the EV revolution, Peter has seen through many of the issues surrounding the environmental benefits of using electricity as a source of propulsion.

Peter, through his Ted Talk, sheds light on the statistical and scientific reasons why electricity will be the answer for the future of transport sustainability. Peter also points out that while current technology may not be the most efficient, the future has a lot of untapped potential. Consumers should consider these factors before purchasing any electric vehicle. It’s also refreshing to see the perspective of someone directly involved with one of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers.

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ankit jain

Ankit Jain is the CEO and founder of the OLA Groupwhich includes companies like Ola Electric, Ola Labs etc., and has been at the center of the EV revolution in India. Ankit believes that a country like India, with the second largest population in the world, will play a key role in the environmental impact of moving to electric vehicles.

The current trend of high-end electric vehicles will not be very successful in a country like India, which is why it has focused on producing shared and personal electric vehicles, including two-wheelers and longer-range electric vehicles, which will see a higher adoption. in a price sensitive country. People are often unaware of the innovations and different approaches being taken with electric vehicles in developing countries, where companies like Tesla can be too expensive to succeed.

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jubin varghese

Jubin Varghese is the co-founder of Gegadin energy, a company focused on building better batteries for use in electric vehicles. Jubin came up with the idea while working on a university project to develop an electric car for the roads of India.

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This led Jubin to work on a proprietary hybrid supercapacitor-based battery that is fast-charging, low-cost, and has a higher energy density. Jubin also points out how the scientific competition to build better batteries is at the heart of the race for electric vehicle dominance for all the major automakers. This is a different perspective from developers on one of the most integral parts of an EV, which is refreshing compared to automaker talk.

Hanna Trescott

Hannah Trescott is graduating from AIS. In her Ted Talk, she sheds light on the emerging popularity of hybrid cars and how the current movement has many benefits for the environment, as well as financial incentives for consumers. Her research indicated that social image factors are the most prominent factor in the energy efficiency, profitability and environmental effect of potential solutions.

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She also argues that while social image can be a big factor, the positive effects on the environment need to come to the fore. This is a unique look at the psychological factors that play a role in the EV consumer base, which can be helpful for both companies and individuals looking to buy a car to make a more pragmatic decision.

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ripped goyal

Punit Goyal is the co-founder of BluSmart, an electric vehicle company that aims to revolutionize ride-sharing service in India. Since its creation, BluSmart has made more than 1.2 million trips and 38 million clean kilometers throughout the capital region. Throughout his talk, Punit highlights the many advantages of moving from combustion engines to electric cars.

Not only does he focus on climate change, Punit also focuses on the improved quality of life that will come about through the EV transition. One of the most important factors is the reduction of noise pollution around big cities and the replacement of old and noisy rickshaws or tuk-tuks. Revolutionizing the ride-sharing industry through electric vehicles is another fresh look at developments happening around the world.

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michiel langezaal

Michiel Langezaal was the co-founder of epion, a company that focuses on building faster charging mechanisms for electric cars. Subsequently, the start-up was acquired by abb electric. Michiel points out the changes needed in battery charging technology for electric vehicles to be adopted globally.

Batteries need to last longer, charge faster and be cheaper to manufacture. It also poses the initial hurdle for the cost of car batteries, just as it did for solar panels, televisions and mobile phones when they first appeared. Making a comparison with the existing green energy industry and predicting the future, as well as the necessary technological changes, is quite an interesting prospect for the electric vehicle industry.

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Bert Maas

Bert Maas is a student at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he studied industrial design and interaction design. He points to the lack of excitement and variations in current versions of electric cars. He argues that electric cars should have more distinctive designs, comparing them to some of the most recognizable movie cars.

Maas also compares different cars through the starting sound they make. He points out the lack of connection between the driver and the car in electric vehicles, which he intends to solve through industrial design. Very few people in the electric vehicle industry take into account the emotional connection one has with their vehicles, which Maas says is one of the biggest barriers to convincing people to switch to an electric vehicle.

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