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my weekend morning train The WFH says:

Fearful millennials missed the stock market rally with the switch to cash: Going out of stock last year meant missing out on the 2023 rally. Other generations were more likely to stay put during the rout. (Bloomberg)

In Manhattan’s sluggish housing market, cash is greasing the wheels: A record proportion of buyers are avoiding mortgages, and sellers eager to close are jumping on their all-cash offers. (Wealth) See also Commercial real estate woes run deeper than in past recessions: Remote work and e-commerce are reducing demand for office and retail space. (Wall Street Journal)

The underbelly of electric vehicles: What it takes to make electric vehicles, where it comes from and at what human cost (Washington Post)

Inflation is sticky, but economists can’t agree on why: The tight labor market plays a role, but it may not be the main culprit. (Bloomberg)

The Andy Warhol copyright case that could transform generative AI: The upcoming US Supreme Court decision could change the interpretation of fair use law, and all the people and tools that turn to it for protection. (Cabling)

The virtue of discretion When the rules are broken, you have to judge what to do on your own. Discretion is necessary to navigate the mess of life. (Eon)

Why atoms are the greatest miracle in the Universe: With a massive, charged nucleus orbited by tiny electrons, atoms are very simple objects. Miraculously, they make up everything we know. (great thought)

Two years, 10 metrics: Assessing the Biden presidency. Considering the strengths and weaknesses of Joe Biden’s first two years in office and what they suggest about the next two. (Bloomberg)

Why Giannis Antetokounmpo’s “Failure” Speech Is A Viral Phenomenon: The Milwaukee superstar suffered a brutal basketball loss, then offered some accurate perspective. (Wall Street Journal)

What Happens When Dave Chappelle Buys Your Town: As Chappelle’s comedy made him a nationally controversial figure, some of his Ohio neighbors have gotten angry too. (business week)

Be sure to check out our Master of Business next week with Ben Clymer, founder and president of Hodinkee, and Jeffery Fowler, CEO of the firm. Fowler and Clymer (known as the “High Priest of Watchmaking”) discuss all things wristwatches and watches, including their experiences at 2023 Watches & Wonders, why the market has skyrocketed in recent years, and which ones. they are his favorite Grail watches.

Elon Musk’s latest round of cuts has pushed his two bestsellers into uncharted territory.

Source: Bloomberg

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