10 Friday Morning Readings: The Big Picture

my weekend morning train The WFH says:

What beat the S&P 500 in the last three decades? Doing nothing: A strategy of buying a basket of stocks and leaving them intact outperformed the index, not to mention dozens of active managers. (Morning Star)

AI can write a song, but it can’t beat the market: Quants has tried for decades with limited success on his biggest challenge (Wall Street Journal) See also ‘Overemployed’ scammers exploit ChatGPT to take over even more full-time jobs: “ChatGPT likes 80 percent of my work,” said one worker. Another is holding the line on four jobs done by robots. “Five would be excessive,” he said. (Vice)

The Repo Man returns as more Americans fall behind on car payments: Pandemic relief measures shielded many people from recovery, but that’s changing as interest rates and car prices soar. (business week)

Rupert wins again: For the media mogul, Dominion’s massive liquidation fee is just the cost of doing business. (political)

Is Substack Notes a ‘Twitter clone’? We asked CEO Chris Best Can Substack handle the anger of Elon Musk and the pain of content moderation? (the edge)

How To Sell A Power Generator No One Has Heard Of: Mainspring Energy’s device is a new way to create clean electricity and can run on hydrogen. (Bloomberg)

The origins of creativity: The concept was devised in post-war America, in response to the cultural and commercial demands of the time. Now we’re stuck with it. (New Yorker)

Leonardo da Vinci was Jewish: Italian historian Carlo Vecce set out to debunk rumors of da Vinci’s foreign origins, but a newly discovered document changed his mind. (Tablet)

‘A game changer’: This simple device could help fight the war on abortion rights in the US: Only a small fraction of primary care physicians provide abortion services. Dr. Joan Fleischman believes that training them in a simple and easy abortion method might be the best way to offset the war for access. (The Guardian)

‘No one can take your power’: Megan Thee Stallion in her own words: Megan Thee Stallion assumed they would believe her. But after reporting that she was shot by rapper and former friend Tory Lanez after a party in Los Angeles in July 2020, she faced the virulence of gossip blogs, online strangers and even her peers. Here, for the first and only time since her assailant’s guilty verdict on three felony counts, she talks about putting what happened behind her. (elle)

Be sure to check out our Master of Business interview this weekend with Brian Hamburger, founder of MarketCounsel and Burger Law Firm. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer, consultant, and advocate for independent investment advisers, which is a $97 trillion industry. MarketTip and the Hamburger Law Firm are the leading business and regulatory compliance consultancy for the nation’s preeminent corporate independent investment advisers in the securities and investment industry.

Global hopes for China’s growth

Fountain: traffic light

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