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10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Big Brother

Older brother it finished its 24th season earlier this year and two seasons were recently added to Netflix, plus the entire catalog is available on Paramount+. Dedicated fans often love to rewatch their favorite seasons, but immersing yourself in certain eras of Older brother it has some drawbacks that can be difficult to deal with.

Some of these cons revolve around the cast, while others are format changes that have shaken up the game, not always for the better. most of Older brothers many seasons hold up well, but there are some weird aspects of some seasons that fans have to come to terms with.

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The show used low-quality cameras

Cast members from Big Brother season 5 standing by a front door of the house, excited looks on their faces

When fans watch their favorite early seasons of the show, they’ll have to deal with a lower quality image.

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Older brother It didn’t feature HD cameras until season 16, so each previous season will have a slightly blurry image. This might annoy some fans at first, but after a few episodes, it’s easy to get so immersed that the low quality doesn’t matter.

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Some players used offensive terms

The last two of the big brother season 9, Adam and Ryan, with Julie.

A big difference between previous seasons of Older brother compared to now is the use of some terms that today would not be shown on television.

There were many instances in the early seasons where players made insensitive comments. For example, Adam, the winner of season 9 and one of Older brothers the most controversial players, he referred to the children with autism he worked with using derogatory slurs multiple times. This all came to a head in Season 15 when several players made racist and homophobic comments. Rewatching these moments from previous seasons will definitely make viewers cringe.

Cast of Big Brother 15 ready to enter the house
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For a time, the cast of each season of Older brother it was composed mostly of white players. Each season typically featured an overwhelming number of white guests with only a few cast members being POC.

This problem plagued Older brother for most of its existence. Season 23 was a landmark season as it featured the most POC players and the first black winner, Xavier. However, prior to this season, there were usually only one or two contestants who were POC.

The old seasons had better competitions

Big Brother players trapped in a box in the backyard in the pressure cooker competition.

Competitions are a very important part of the game and are always evolving. However it seems Older brother he just likes to bring back certain challenges.

There are classic challenges that come up pretty much every season, like the wall contest or Otev. But there are some competitions from the first few seasons that were only played once and never came back. For example, the pressure cooker competition of big brother 6 is one that fans would love to see again. Challenges from recent seasons pale in comparison to certain competitions from previous seasons.

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Having to watch Julie talk to the HOH

Julie Chen in Big Brother Season 21

There have not been many changes in Older brothers format over the years. However, one key change was removing Julie’s conversations with the current HOH.

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Fans rewatching certain seasons will have to put up with these awkward conversations that often make up the least interesting part of the show. Every week before the vote, Julie would talk to the HOH to get her thoughts on how her HOH’s reign was. These conversations were meaningless as the HOH pretty much reiterated what they already said in the diary room at the beginning of the episode. It was a good idea to take them off and spend screen time on more strategic discussions.

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There was no veto power

Jackson shows off Power Of Veto victory on Big Brother

If fans go back far enough and watch the first few seasons of Older brother, you’ll notice a big difference: the veto power wasn’t in the game at its inception.

big brother 3 it was the first season that featured the power of veto. With no veto, the game was very predictable once the nominations were made. The addition of the veto gives the nominees a lifeline and adds an agent of chaos to the game, which automatically attracts more viewers. If fans like the first two seasons, they will have to accept the fact that there will be no Veto competition. The Power of Veto ceremony has also given fans some very memorable and chaotic Veto moments.

The old nomination ceremony was better

Cody handing out nominations on Big Brother 22

In season 16, the nomination ceremony changed and instead of taking the keys of all the guests from the safe house, the HOH only took the keys of the house guests who were nominated.

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The old version of the nomination ceremony was much better. It added a level of suspense to the nominations that fans can’t see now with only two keys involved. It was most likely changed by the show, as the new one is much faster and allows for more screen time to talk about the game, but it was a classic game staple that added a bit of polish. Rewatching seasons that feature this format makes fans realize how boring the new structure is.

The jury was smaller

A Big Brother jury

One change to the show that fans will easily pick up on when they rewatch previous seasons is how small the jury used to be. As of season 4, the jury consisted of only 7 guests and was eventually increased to 9.

With the smaller jury, it allowed them to do a more educated vote instead of including some guests who missed half of the game. For example, Jack in big brother 21 he was ranked 11th, but was still on the jury and was able to vote on who won his season. The smaller jury was generally better for the game and makes the now larger jury seem impractical.

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The jury used to be able to watch the show

Danielle Reyes from Big Brother

Fans rewatching the first few seasons easily recognize a major pau from the show that was quickly detected. This issue caused a change in the way they handled evicted guests.

There was no jury in big brother 2 & 3 and the evicted guests watched the show before voting for the winner. Fans rewatching these seasons have to deal with the fact that the people who voted for the winner saw all the confessions from the private diary room, which influenced who they voted for in the end. Fans, to this day, still believe this is why Danielle Reyes lost season 3, as voters thought she was too arrogant in her diary room confessions.

The jury deliberation was better without Dr. Will

Big Brother 24 Jury Round Table
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Older brother Fans love Dr. Will as he is one of the best and most entertaining gamers of all time. But, the incorporation of him to the deliberation of the jury could have been a mistake.

In reruns of previous seasons, fans will realize that it’s better for the jury to discuss the vote alone than to have a conversation with Dr. Will. He doesn’t really add anything and he’s really just there as a talking head that seems to only say things that the producers give him. The open forum without Dr. Will feels more natural and a lot less rehearsed.

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