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10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Supernatural

the Winchesters is upping the ante when it comes to Supernatural connections, as Henry Winchester actor Gil McKinney has been confirmed to reprise his role. While the prequel has done a good job of entertaining fans, many are still excited to rewatch all 15 seasons of the original show.

The downside of checking Supernatural With the benefit of hindsight, certain issues with the direction of the show will be on fans’ minds. These include things like context-switching of Castiel and Dean’s friendship to learn that people like Adam and Charlie have grim endings that viewers can’t do anything about but watch them again.

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Castiel’s interactions with Dean knowing how he feels about him

Castiel and Dean looking at each other

Castiel’s last appearance in Supernatural it changed the context of his relationship with Dean, as he revealed that he was in love with him. Supernatural he had never openly stated this during his execution, so Castiel’s admission was a big deal the first time around.

Rewatching the series makes Castiel and Dean’s interactions seem from a completely different light, as the former’s growing attachment to Dean is evident. What makes this hard is that Castiel’s feelings were bottled up the whole time, putting a sad twist on this friendship.

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Sam and Dean get much tougher

Sam and Dean looking forward

The dynamic between Sam and Dean is the main outline of Supernatural, although the couple changes a lot. Viewers expect them to behave like heroes in the original version of the series, but the truth is that they became very harsh over the years and even neglected their main mission.

Dean and Sam began without giving up on their goal of saving people from the supernatural, only to easily kill anyone possessed by a demon or monster with no remorse. Sam and Dean would never have done that before, so those watching Supernatural You will again find that the main leads get too harsh later on.

Fan Favorite Characters Don’t Get Happy Endings

Charlie Bradbury smiles at Sam in Supernatural

There was always the hope that there would be a positive ending for those appearing in the series until fans knew what the actual conclusion was. There are many great characters in Supernaturallike Charlie, Crowley, Kevin, Ketch and more, but none of them had a happy ending.

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Looking at Supernatural will once again bring a sense of melancholy from the fans towards these characters because they know their departure from the show will be sad. It also means that revisiting your best moments will make the inevitable ending even worse to revisit.

The big change in tone after the first three seasons

Dean Winchester screaming in Supernatural

Supernatural It is generally listed among the shows that undergo a big change in tone, as the series transitioned from horror to dark fantasy with comedic moments starting with the fourth season. While that didn’t mean the show would be bad going forward, it will be something viewers with a preference for scary material won’t expect.

A fair amount of the fanbase continued with Supernatural after the change in tone because they watched it from the beginning. Playing the series may not bring the same level of excitement from those viewers, as they will prefer the original horror tone that laid the groundwork for Supernatural.

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Villains lose their intimidation factor later

Lucifer looks up and smiles in Supernatural

Supernatural he always did a good job of introducing new villains, each one establishing themselves as the real deal for Sam and Dean to fear. Aside from Azazel, however, all of the antagonists lost their intimidation factor in later seasons; some even turned comical like Lucifer did.

A repeat of the series won’t evoke the same sense of foreboding as the introduction of the villains, as fans know these antagonists aren’t much of a threat anymore. In fact, looking at their original, scarier characters can be jarring considering how they’ll behave later.

The face of the characters on the side of injustice

Adam raises his hands in Supernatural

The supporting characters never got a good deal on Supernatural and they used to be thrown away – those who watched the show for the first time will have hope in them, but most were disappointed. Characters like Adam and Donatello were severely abused, only to never receive any reward for their struggles.

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Seeing what Adam looks like will be particularly hard because fans know that not only will he be stuck in hell for a decade, but his own brothers will never care about him. The same goes for the likes of Benny, Amara, Mick Davies and more.

There’s a lot of filler

Sam, Dean and Castiel on the street in Supernatural

It’s easy to watch episodes that don’t have much to do with the main plot when a series is new and fresh, but it can be quite a chore to review them on repeat viewings. Supernatural it generally ran over 20 episodes each season, which meant almost half of them were filler.

Going through episodes like “Bugs” and even “ScoobyNatural” won’t be as much fun for those who watch Supernatural once again, since viewers know in advance that they are not relevant to the overall plot. But due to the fact that skipping episodes interferes with the pacing of the season, it’s another conflict viewers will have when they decide to rewatch the show.

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Continuity issues and plot holes

Young Sam and Dean with their friends in Supernatural

The fandom already knows the series well, so much so that it’s not that difficult to point out certain inconsistencies. This includes things like Dean being stumped on what a Rugaru is, only to later claim that he had been involved in hunting one as a child.

Other plot holes include the failure to acknowledge the passage of time in calendar years, as Dean and Sam’s year-long trips to Hell and Purgatory somehow don’t change the year in which they take place. Viewers following the show once again will have these inconsistencies. in their minds at all times.

None of Sam and Dean’s romances amount to anything

Sam and Sarah smile at each other in Supernatural

Supernatural it phased out the romance aspect after its first five seasons, but fans expected to see the brothers in steady relationships by the end. This is something that will hurt when rewatching the show, since Dean and Sam don’t have long-term romances.

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Both brothers have plenty of love interests during the early stages of the show, so it’s a shame viewers realize these women won’t be around for long. Dean’s fans in particular will be saddened to see his failed attempts to find love since he ended the series by passing away without being with anyone.

John and Mary don’t live up to how Sam and Dean revere them

John and Mary Winchester hug in Supernatural

Supernatural built Mary up as the perfect mom for over a decade before she came along, but many were disappointed that she never connected with Sam and Dean. The same goes for John, whose failed parenting skills only became more apparent as the siblings reminisced about his childhood over the years.

However, Sam and Dean held their parents in high regard, which made viewers wonder if Supernatural I could show John and Mary that way later. Since that never happened, fans who watch the show again will likely view parents with contempt for not doing right by their children.

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