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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Batman & Alfred’s Relationship

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With the batman Getting a sequel, Batman and Alfred’s relationship will be explored a little further than Andy Serkis mentoring a young Bruce Wayne during his fledgling years as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ noir thriller. Throughout DC Comics, animated series and live action. bat Man films, Alfred has always been much more than Bruce Wayne’s trusted family butler, and fans are looking forward to seeing how they interact once Batman becomes a true superhero.


Given how much Alfred has been by Batman’s side over the decades, he has become a constant presence throughout Batman’s development as a character. These memes perfectly capture the importance, shock, and even humor of his lifelong bond.

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Batman and Alfred’s relationship constantly changes perspective

At first, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s mentor and tutor, but as Bruce grows older, they become similar to his co-workers. In every moment of their relationship, they establish mutual respect, especially since Alfred occupies a fatherly place in young Wayne’s mind.

This meme uses Andy Serkis as Alfred in the batman (juxtaposed with The Claw in Black Panther) and makes fun of the hair that hangs in front of his ward’s face. Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is depicted as a recluse who has yet to learn how to use Wayne Enterprises and the “Bruce Wayne” mask to support his Batman adventures. Alfred plays a much bigger role in helping him become the hero of Gotham City, rather than a still-traumatized vigilante.

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Alfred holds Batman responsible

When Batman becomes too consumed with his duties, Alfred is there to make sure he remembers his priorities. Surrounded by more privilege and perks than the vast majority of Gotham City’s citizens and a constant social calendar filled with criminal or socially insipid masterminds, his responsibilities may be skewed.

RELATED: 10 Quotes That Say More About The Bat FamilyThe topic of using his wealth to fund social programs and charities comes up, but such attempts at rehabilitation can only go so far. A soup kitchen, no matter how well intentioned, won’t stop a maniacal Clown Prince of Crime from blowing up a hospital. Batman lore calls for Gotham City to be a chaotic place that needs a figure like Batman.

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Alfred makes sure Batman focuses on the right things

For Batman to function effectively, the Bruce Wayne mask must be kept, and Alfred is part of that as well. Whether he’s helping Master Bruce organize a police dance or giving back to the community, he makes sure his employer doesn’t lose focus on what’s really important besides fighting crime.

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Some fans criticize the fact that Bruce Wayne doesn’t use his immense wealth to help the citizens of Gotham City in a more useful way, especially since for the price of a Bat-jet, the Wayne Foundation could fund union jobs. But that’s not very dramatic and doesn’t give Batman much to fight with.

Alfred brings the comfort of Batman

Being orphaned at such a young age, Bruce Wayne had to grow up without the normal comforting aspects of having parents around. The trauma of witnessing someone kill his parents turned him into an inveterate vigilante, but inside he was still a scared kid.

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On rare occasions, Bruce turned to Alfred for comfort because he had been one of the few constants in his life. Beneath Batman’s hardened and tired exterior is just an orphan boy looking for someone to tell him that everything is going to be alright.

Alfred is the only person who can stand up to Batman

Batman may not listen to many people when it comes to how he performs his superhero duties, but Alfred is the only person who can give him advice. On rare occasions, Alfred has to be tough on his hot-headed ward and make sure he understands certain realities.

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RELATED: Which Alfred Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?Because what Batman faces is so far outside the realm of what a normal person assumes, including being orphaned at a young age, dealing with supervillains like the Joker and Scarecrow, and handling obscene amounts of wealth, he’s lucky to have Batman. someone like Alfred. ground it.

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Alfred has to put up with a lot of Batman nonsense

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Being Batman’s butler means cleaning the Batsuit of bodily fluids, washing the Batmobile, and listening to Batman ponder puzzles as the world’s greatest detective. For someone as sophisticated as Alfred, it’s not a particularly glamorous vocation, but it’s all in a day’s job.

At the end of the day, Alfred knows nothing would get done if it weren’t for his dedication to Wayne Manor and the Batman mythos. Part of the reason Batman can be so effective (and mysterious) is because of the faithful and trustworthy Alfred.

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Alfred assumes a great responsibility for the development of Batman

Some versions of Batman and Alfred’s relationship choose to explore the complicated depths of their codependency, in which they depend on each other so much that they feel completely responsible. This is particularly true of Alfred’s best quotes in the live-action Batman movies, especially during a poignant scene in Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins.

Alfred (played by Michael Caine) feels he has failed Bruce Wayne by not helping him raise him better when he can’t understand what’s going on in the boy’s head. But just the fact that Alfred takes the time to be vulnerable with him encourages him to be vulnerable too in a way few people see.

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Batman and Alfred don’t miss an opportunity to make fun of each other.

Living together for as long as they have, Batman and Alfred have developed a form of coexistence that includes a few exchanges of blows between them. Alfred, with his dry sense of humor, does what he can to lighten the mood at times with a well-timed joke.

RELATED: Every Member Of The Bat Family, Ranked By IntelligenceThis meme references the fact that so many things associated with Batman have “bat” in their title; batjet, batmobile, batsignal. When Batman asks his butler to fill the “bathtub,” Alfred is naturally confused about what a “bathtub” really is.

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Batman and Alfred have a self-aware attitude

An integral aspect of Batman and Alfred’s relationship is their self-awareness, especially given Batman’s calling and how he appears to others. Dressing up in a costume and striking fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals can be seen as both cool and silly, depending on the context.

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This meme, based on the long halloween movies, is another good example of Alfred’s sarcasm. Alfred’s casually caustic comments often caused Batman to reconsider some of his motivations, if only briefly. This made Alfred one of the most important members of the Bat-family.

Alfred keeps the peace in Batman’s life

While recent movies have made Batman and Superman seem like enemies, they are depicted as allies in various Justice League animated series. Their different backgrounds and perspectives on fighting justice cause them to clash, but when the world needs saving, they will answer each other’s call to arms.

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This meme shows Alfred with a cup of coffee clearly displaying Superman’s famous sigil, which would normally draw Batman’s ire, but in reality, isn’t Batman more likely to have one? Or if he didn’t, it looks like the perfect Big Blue Boy scout gift for “The Batman” who has it all.

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