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10 Miniature Painting Accessories Every Tabletop Gamer Needs

Critical Role recently released their new line of unpainted miniatures for the world to enjoy, but the problem with unpainted miniatures is how does someone paint them “correctly”.

A small mistake can cause tens of dollars in damage or even ruin an immersive experience during a game. As such, it’s important to do the right job with the right tools; at least with the correct tools, an irreversible accident is less likely to occur as long as they are used correctly.

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10 Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes

When it comes to painting miniatures, one of the most important tools, of course, is the tool the painter chooses to paint with. It’s arguably even more important than deciding which paint to use. A good brush should be delicate but strong enough to leave its mark firmly on your chosen canvas.

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Dubbed the “World’s Finest Watercolor Brush,” Series 7 Kolinsky Sable brushes are expensive compared to their competitors. Therefore, its use is not recommended for those who are inexperienced in how to paint miniatures. Handmade from the finest materials in England, this brush has an even point during every stroke. The color flows from the point smoothly.

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9 The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preservative

It’s a shame to spend a ton on brushes only to have them break down and lose quality after a few dozen uses. In that sense, maintenance is important when it comes to the tools that are used. While probably none of the top 10 Spider-Man artists use it, the Master Brush Cleaner And Preserver dates back to the early 1980s and is an extremely inexpensive alternative for its effectiveness.

The Masters is an affordable, long-lasting cleaner and preservative that lasts virtually forever. Even if it were to break or wear out in some way, they can easily be bought back for ~$11 on Amazon or the official site. Just apply a damp brush and rub it in the cleanser. From there you will work on the bristles and remove dried paint and help preserve the bristles.

8 MEEDEN 12-Well Rounded Porcelain Paint Palette

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Before starting to paint, what a painter needs is something to contain his paint. While plastic is a good alternative, it tends to be much more difficult to clean after use and leaves the potential for staining. The MEEDEN Porcelain Paint Palette can hold up to 12 different types of paint and is quite light for its material.

The porcelain material this paint palette is made of makes cleaning easy, simply rinse the palette and wipe it down firmly with a cloth. This palette is ideal for watercolor, acrylic, oil and tempura paints. Even with its porcelain-composite components, it’s surprisingly durable, so there’s no need to worry about easily damaging or breaking it.

7 Citadel Water Pot

Having a pot of water is a no-brainer when it comes to dealing with paints. After all, one would need something to rinse off the paint you used earlier if you decide to use a new paint, otherwise the two colors would mix together and create something completely different. There are also other uses for a pot of water, such as diluting colors or cleaning a brush when a painter is finished.

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The requirements for a water pot aren’t very high, it just needs to be able to hold a decent amount of water without weighing too much. Bonus points if you can hold a brush for safekeeping. The Citadel Water Boat is elegant and thematically matches the art of painting miniatures. It’s a Warhammer-themed water pot with grooves embedded in the sides so restoring the bristles is simple too, which is a small bonus to using it instead of a regular mug.

6 Games Workshop Citadel Spray Primer

Primer is probably the most important application when it comes to painting miniatures. It is not exactly considered essential in the art of painting miniatures, but there are many experts who say that it should be. It’s like trying to do a painting without any of the best paint kits for Bob Ross episodes, it’s not impossible but it’s an unnecessary difficulty. The primer is the “glue” that ensures the paint adheres to the miniatures without chipping or flaking.

Thanks to Primer, any coated paint will adhere more easily and be less likely to fade over time. Primers made specifically for miniatures are quite common today. Citadel Spray Paint is easy to use and dries quickly compared to its competitors. Painters will want to consider a black, gray or white primer to match the brightness of the colors they will be painting their models with.

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The second or even the first thing to consider when painting miniatures is paint. While painting miniatures doesn’t exactly require a specific set of paint, there are, of course, some types that work better than others. And this discussion has caused conflict in the community for years. To be on the safe side, it’s ideal to buy from a brand that caters to your specific genre of miniatures.

The Age of Sigmar Paint and Tool Set comes with 13 paint pots of specialty paints. As a Warhammer related product, it’s perfect to celebrate the recent live stream of Warhammer Skulls and their biggest reveals. The kit comes with nail clippers to remove any excess material, a mold line remover to erase any apparent mold between the plastic, and a basic starter brush. More experienced painters will already have these tools and should buy their paints individually, but this is a great place for newer hobbyists to get a good bang for their buck.

4 Testors Dullcote Spray Lacquer

There is no point in going to the trouble of meticulously painting and decorating a miniature if proper conservation measures are not taken. Preservation of a miniature is especially important if the miniatures are intended to be used during any game. Over time, constant use or outdoor exposure will deteriorate the paint and cause the colors to fade.

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This is where the use of a sealer is vital. Sealants should be used after a miniature is fully painted, it is the final touch that will keep the miniature in tip-top condition for years to come. Testors Dullcote Lacquer is a trusted sealant commonly used for miniatures, model kits, aircraft kits and the like. It is fast drying and easy to apply, ideal for miniatures that need to be presented.

3 Citadel color paint handle

Touching something you just painted is probably not the best idea. Fortunately, there is another way to paint a miniature without coming into direct contact with it. That method is using something called a paint handle. It is a device that attaches to a model that needs painting without scratching the edges of the model with its clips.

The Citadel Color Paint Grip is a small hand tool in the Citadel Warhammer theme for holding onto miniatures without hiding the model too much and making painting difficult. Its greatest strength is allowing the user to look in areas that would otherwise be difficult were it not for the ability to move and orient the thumbnail with the tool. This tool is only $12.50, cheap all things considered.

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two Cult Of Paint Infinity Airbrush

Airbrushes are practically cheat codes when it comes to painting. It can also be one of the best types of photo editing apps you could find on a mobile device. Simply point it at the desired object the user wants to paint and pull the trigger. Of course, things are a bit more complex than that. It is necessary to ensure that the specific paints are compatible, so that the tool is not affected.

The Cult Of Paint Infinity is a device whose name matches expectations. It’s made up primarily of aluminum, which makes it lightweight, which in turn provides support for extended wear and less than the usual strain a wrist would take. The same goes for the special hand adjusted for long life. The stylus has been modified to specialize in tapering so users can focus on the finer details.

1 Neatfi XL 2200 Lumen LED Work Light

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Believe it or not, being able to see what you’re working with is an integral part of miniature painting. A normal ceiling light will often not be powerful enough to ensure that all of a miniature’s features are visible and can also lead to difficult shadows. The Neatfi XL task lamp (or similar more affordable posable LED desk lamps) can be tilted to any position the user needs to really see what they’re working with.

The Neatfi XL is a specially designed lamp with a clear white light that does not cause reflections, flickers or distortions in the elements on which you work. The light level can be adjusted using the buttons on the device, and even at the highest setting, the lamp won’t be too hot to cause discomfort. It even saves energy despite its power, so there is no need to worry about how it can increase the energy bill.

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