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10 Of The Most Hated Movie Characters Of All Time, According To Reddit

While the movie industry is teeming with lovable villains and charismatic antiheroes, look no further than 2019. jester as evidence: there are only a few characters who are absolutely disgusting to the public.

Spanning genres and decades, Reddit users were tasked with choosing their most hated character in a movie. Suggestions ranged from the obvious, like Nurse Ratched and Dolores Umbridge, to others that were less well-known but popular with Reddit users, like an underrated historical drama character. rob roy.

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10 Marla Grayson – I Care a Lot (2020)

A netlfix original movie, I care a lot it was a very polarizing film, with many finding the main character too disgusting to enjoy the film, while others found it highly entertaining. However, one thing that all viewers can agree on is how unlikable Marla Grayson’s character is.

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She’s so obnoxious that Reddit user KadieKnievel said, “Usually I love antiheroes and complicated leads. But this one was so horrible I could barely finish the movie.” Many found Marla’s personality irritating and her actions unfathomable to the point that Redditor karateema “was happy when she got shot.”

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9 Archibald CunninghamRob Roy (1995)

A film set in 1700s Scotland, rob roy features an all-star cast consisting of Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Brian Cox and Tim Roth as the villainous Archibald Cunningham. Weather rob roy It may not be the most universally known movie, many Reddit users chose Archibald Cunningham as their most hated movie character.

In fact, Redditor Technical-Waltz7903 was the first to mention Cunningham in the thread, when they gave their first pick of “Tim Roth on Rob Roy.” Cunningham’s character is a villainous aristocrat, deviously played by the talented Tim Roth, who more than deserves his hated status thanks to his heinous actions throughout the film, including sexual assault and murder.

8 Briony Tallis – Atonement

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It’s not hard to imagine why the character of Briony Tallis is such a hated movie character, given her damaging impact on the central characters of Atonement. Suggested by hardevenreal, the user explains that “the way they made the character of her in the movie completely infuriated me”, but notes that “it’s not like she’s nice anyway”.

Briony is the main destructive force ruining the lives of many people in the period piece. The hate for this fictional character is so strong that there are even blogs dedicated to why Briony is hated. Despite her young age in the film and her quest for atonement, viewers have gone so far as to label this thirteen-year-old as pure evil.

7 Comfortable – Gladiator

Reddit user LastNameBrady called Commodus, the cowardly and cruel villain from Ridley Scott’s 2000 film. Gladiator, Like a hate-worthy movie character. They state, “Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator really pissed me off as a kid.”

Perfectly played by Joaquin Phenix, an actor used to playing evil characters, Commodus is arrogant, spoiled and selfish, thinking he is entitled to the cruel acts he perpetrates. It really is easy to see why the thread had so many other users suggesting Commodus, as the character has all the qualities that people hate.

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6 Percy Wetmore – The Green Mile

Leading-Bid7018 suggested “Percy Wetmore from Green Mile” for most hated movie character and many other Reddit users agreed. Percy Wetmore is from the 1999 film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, The green Mileand he is a despicable human being by all accounts.

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He engages in the torture of animals and humans, is a blackmailer and saboteur, abuses his power as a prison guard, and often uses psychological abuse towards anyone he sees as the intended object of his cruelty. No wonder many movie lovers can’t stand it.

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5 Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Reddit user Next_Faithlessness87 noted that Harry Potter villain Dolores Umbridge especially deserves the title of most hated movie character. They revealed, “Umbridge of the Harry Potter franchise. If I were in a situation where I’m stuck in a hallway with Umbridge on one side and Voldermort on the other, I’d choose the Dark Lord on instinct.”

It’s hard not to disagree with the Reddit user, as Umbridge is as unsavory a character as she comes off. She is a fitting representation of the worst of political power with a sadistic streak in her along with her lack of a moral center.

4 Warden Norton – Shawshank Redemption

One of the best film adaptations of a Stephen King novel, 1994 Shawshank Redemption is a powerful film about redemption and friendship. In addition to having a fantastic cast and a great script, the film also features one of the most hated movie characters of all time, Warden Norton. RenandMorty brought the character to Reddit’s attention, simply listing his choice “Warden Norton-Shawshank”.

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Warden Norton could be described in many ways, none of them good. Norton is ruthless, willing to do anything to anyone who can somehow reveal his true nefarious nature to the world outside of Shawshank prison.

3 Nurse Ratched – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Redditor DisasterPeace7 gave Nurse Ratched as their pick for most hated movie character, saying “Nurse Ratched absolutely made my blood boil.” From the Jack Nicholson classic, one flew over the cuckoo’s nestNurse Ratched is the central antagonist. However, she’s not your typical over-the-top, maniacally giggly movie villain. Rather, Nurse Ratched is a cold, apathetic, manipulative character who has been corrupted by the power imbued in her by the psychiatric institution.

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She acts as a passive-aggressive tyrant, punishing anyone who displeases her, even lowering herself so that less compliant patients undergo forced and unnecessary lobotomies and drug-free shock treatments.

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two Burke – Foreigners

As considered by therandomways2002, Burke’s aliens he was the incarnation of a traitor. The Reddit user said that the character “made me appreciate Paul Reiser’s performance. He played the role perfectly,” as Reiser played the character to come across as a greedy traitor.

Burke is, above all, a corporate stooge who supports his employers at the Weyland-Yutani company without regard for the danger he is putting others. User Low-Cantaloupe made the insightful comment when he said, “Paul landed the part…he was like the worst qualities of businessmen and politicians rolled into one.”

1 Biff Tannen – Back to the Future Trilogy

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In one of cinema’s most beloved film franchises lies one of the most hated movie characters of all time, as suggested by Reddit user Lord-Sinestro, who described: “Biff Tannen of the Return to the future Serie. Full bloodline of total pr**** for the McFly family. Alternative ’80s Biff is the best.”

Starting the Return to the future franchise as a goofy thug, Biff Tannen ends up proving he’s capable of much more wicked things than forcing George McFly to do his homework for him. At the end of the first movie, he gets the better of a terrified Lorraine. Biff only gets worse as shown in back to the future II which adds murder to its list of crimes and barbarism. Many Reddit users agreed with this choice, cementing Biff Tannen as one of the most hated movie characters of all time.

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