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10 Things To Know Before Buying A Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung has been a tech mainstay for quite some time and has really cornered the Android market. In fact, as one of the most competitive mobile devices out there, Samsung products are not only incredibly popular, but more and more people are turning to the brand.

There is a lot to know about shopping for the range of Galaxy devices available. For those making the switch from other Android platforms, or perhaps even Apple, it may seem like a big leap, but these details should perhaps be a reassuring look at what’s on offer.

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huge list

When it comes to choice, consumers aren’t exactly dealing with a short list of phones. In fact, the range of Samsung Galaxy products available is quite amazing and rivals any of the other major brands. For those who take the leap, they have to do their research.

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The older models that are being sold at cheaper prices still stick around as updates continue to try to ensure these slightly outdated models remain as relevant as possible. For those looking to save money, some Galaxy models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 are leading the industry, even if they are much more expensive. Here is an option for everyone.

Widescreen and flip movements

Samsung is always looking at what could be the next breakthrough in mobile devices. While other platforms toy with tech upgrades that may seem far in the future, many of the Galaxy products are taking very real steps in new directions.

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The wider screen is a feature that can be found in almost all new devices, for example with the touch screen now on the edge of the phone. Samsung is also experimenting with foldable phones again, creating touch screens that can be folded in half.

Data transfer

Samsung Galaxy devices are also useful in the long run. When buying a phone, consumers will always think about the future and how easy it would be to stick with a particular brand when buying their next device.

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However, the method of transferring data between Samsung devices is so simple that it’s always easier to stick with one Galaxy every time. That’s not to say that transferring logins and data isn’t an easy process to other Android devices, but the process has been completely streamlined for Samsung itself.

Smart things, wearables and DeX

Samsung understands that consumers want to be able to pair their various devices, and Galaxy phones now have all sorts of software that ensures there is interactivity in someone’s life. SmartThings, for example, allows the user to control everything from televisions to other objects in the home using a mobile phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy range also pairs seamlessly with various wearable devices through its wearable software, especially some of the smart watches that Samsung has developed. In addition, there is the new DeX scheme, which allows the user to run a computer monitor! Newcomers need to know that they can fully integrate their phone into their lives.

Traditional Android features with 5G

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As with most other mobile devices (outside of Apple), Samsung Galaxy phones run on Android features. The app and game stores and Google apps can be found at launch and are very easy to access and intuitive. That means it’s easy to jump from one android to another.

Furthermore, all of these additions not only run smoothly, but Samsung’s new line of Galaxy phones also use 5G to enhance all of their internet features. Now it’s faster than ever to download the latest app or perhaps access a document through Google.

samsung health

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Samsung devices have also incorporated some of their own applications and software to help their users in their daily lives. More than ever, consumers are concerned about their health and looking for ways to track their every move. Galaxy has created Samsung Health for that.

The app manages to pull together all sorts of important data collection techniques, from heart rate and steps walked to calories burned. For those who are health conscious, there are other Android apps available, but Samsung Health comes on the phone and uses the available software to the best of its ability.

Battery life and camera

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However, it’s not just about the software. Newcomers to the Samsung range will also see the hardware available; specifically two physical components of the device that will affect daily use. Camera options and battery life.

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Both are going to depend entirely on which Galaxy model you buy, but Samsung has a good reputation with battery life, especially when compared to Apple and Google devices. When it comes to cameras, products like the Galaxy S22 Ultra have fantastic lenses and accompanying software, though recent releases continue to add more quality cameras even to budget devices.

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game variation

Samsung has earned consumer loyalty on several levels, but for gamers, the Galaxy range might not be the best option. Sure, they get by pretty well with the most basic apps found in the store, where players perform very simple tasks. But as the industry evolves, devices must too.

For hardcore gamers, there are some better lines to suit those needs. For those who are determined to buy a Samsung Galaxy and want great gaming options, the Samsung Galaxy S22 or S21 FE are definitely two products to consider.

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Secure multitasking

The more expensive the phone, the better the software and hardware that run it; that’s a fact. However, Samsung has been particularly good at ensuring that its devices have the necessary technology to ensure that a sufficient level of multitasking is available.

It is fast becoming a favorite among those who work very well and have to use their phone for a wide variety of tasks. It’s no match for Apple in comparison, but with multiple tabs open and different tasks running, Samsung Galaxy devices manage to perform quite well.

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An absolute advantage of the Galaxy range is how customizable its systems are. Of course, there are the traditional options for adding various wallpapers and themes, as well as moving icons. But the configuration options are really extensive, allowing the user to customize their phone in great detail.

That also extends to the opportunities to add devices to the phone. Not only portable devices, but also external chargers, cases, headphones and the like. Like other Android devices, there is a little more flexibility with the use of equipment from third-party companies. All in all, a Samsung Galaxy phone is all about catering to the owner.

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