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10 Video Games With The Best Post-Credits Scenes

God of War: Ragnarök has been released to critical acclaim, and is seen by many as a very worthy sequel to the God of War franchise. Those who play the game to full completion will even be able to unlock a secret ending to the game, one similar to a post-credits scene.

Post-credits scenes are most famous for their appearances in the movies, but they’re not exclusive to them. There are plenty of video games that also have post-credits scenes attached to them, some that reveal the fates of the characters, some that tease future installments of the franchise, and even some that are entirely new levels.

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batman arkham asylum

Batman looks on as he walks the halls of Arkham Asylum

batman arkham asylum it kicked off a trilogy of games that have quickly become legendary, and its post-credit scene only cemented the greatness. After the credits, players can see Batman leave via the Batwing, but they can also see a hand reaching out of the water around Arkham Asylum and holding on to a Titan crate floating there.

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The hand that comes out varies depending on the scene shown, with Bane, Killer Croc, and Scarecrow each having their own scene here. Unfortunately, this scene seems to be there just to show the survival of that character, as it’s unclear if the Titan box was ever used for the rest of the trilogy.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man in Marvel's Spider-Man game

Marvel’s Spider-Man it did a lot to show the main character at his best, and also showed several plot threats that will continue in the sequel, including in its post-credits scene. In this scene, it is revealed that Norman Osborn’s son Harry is actually in a stasis tank instead of vacationing in Europe like everyone else, being held there by a mysterious black substance that has been confirmed to be the Venom symbiote.

It’s a huge revelation for the game, big enough to get everyone excited for the upcoming sequel which will undoubtedly feature Osborn and Venom as the central antagonists that Spider-Man must defeat in order to save the city once again.

gears of war 2

Cover of the video game Gears of War 2.
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Featuring multiple characters spread throughout the franchise, including book characters that need to be included in the Gears of war games, it can be difficult to keep track of who is alive and who is dead in Gears of war. But the credit scene in gears of war 2 it showed the survival of a particular character.

After the credits, players are left with a voiceover of Adam Fenix, Marcus Fenix’s father, trying to call for help over the radio. Since Adam was thought to be dead long before, hearing the voice of him calling for help came as a complete shock to many people, and his survival would lead to the next game, as the character would play an important role in defeating the enemy for good. .

supreme commander

ACU Supreme Commander

Given the choice of different factions in supreme commander, there are 3 different endings that players can reach, depending on the faction campaign played. No matter what, though, the post-credit scenes tease the same thing.

Each campaign can have its own unique post-credits scene, but each one still teases the arrival of the Seraphim, the alien enemies that would become the main antagonists of the expansion follow-up. Supreme Commander: Alliance Forged. While players don’t know much about the Seraphim from in-game lore, the fear on the characters’ faces when they sense what’s coming is enough to sell that these aliens will be a dangerous threat.

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god of war iii

Kratos in God of War 3 standing in front of a treasure chest

the God of War franchise might never have had the potential to continue, were it not for god of war iiiThe post-credits scene of .

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at the end of god of war iii, Kratos apparently sacrificed himself to free Hope back into the world. But in the game’s post-credits scene, players are left with a trail of blood leading away from Blade of Olympus. While this seemingly confirmed his survival, making fans very excited, they wouldn’t be able to see his whereabouts for another eight years.

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halo reach

Halo Reach cover art

The post-credit scenes aren’t just cinematic; They can also be complete levels, as is the case with halo reachThe post-credits scene of . In a game packed with some of the best levels in the aura franchise, halo reach contains a final level after the credits, where the player, as Noble 6, must fight an endless wave of Covenant forces until overwhelmed.

It’s the final blow for the player, as it becomes more apparent that human forces have no chance of holding Reach, and Noble 6’s last stand, while noble, only further seals the deal. As the levels progress, he’s as iconic as he gets, leaving a final feeling of despair about the fate of the Reach, but hope for his future overall.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Picture of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn fighting a big robot

Horizon: Zero Dawn It’s one of the best story-driven games of all time, and its post-credits scene also helps set the stage for the next game. Horizon: Forbidden West.

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After the credits, the game’s villain HADES is revealed to be alive, but held prisoner by Aloy’s ally Sylens, who interrogates intelligence for information on who or what sent the signal that activated her. That might not sound like much, but it certainly started teasing the sequel’s plot, and also left fans hungry for more information about the game’s lore and what new enemy Aloy will have to face in order to save humanity.


A frame of Soma

Soma It’s a dark and horrifying game that proved to scare a lot of people during its various playthroughs, but at least the ending was on a lighter note.

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The game ends with Simon alone on what’s left of Earth, no doubt soon to be killed by the monsters that remain. But thanks to an earlier brain scan that was placed on the ARK, a post-credit scene shows Simon waking up inside the simulated world and reuniting with Catherine, showing that the two are alive and well even as the ARK drifts through space. For a game as dark as Somathis somewhat happy ending was a pleasant surprise for players.

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infinite bioshock

The end of Bioshock Infinite

infinite bioshock introduced the long and confusing concept of alternate realities to the bioshock franchise, leading to a very confusing post-credit scene that will go down in the history books. In this credit scene, Booker wakes up in 1893 and calls out to his daughter, Anna.

It’s unclear if this Booker is the one players played throughout the game or one from another reality, but the confusing part about this is that Booker died so the game’s villain Comstock could never be born. Unfortunately, the confusing nature of this post-credit scene will have to stay up for debate for a bit longer, until another bioshock the game is launched.

gate 2

Stephen Merchant in Portal 2
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gate 2 It ranks among the best video games of all time, especially because of the surprise twist it contains, which ultimately culminates in a stunning post-credits scene.

Following Wheatley’s defeat, the post-credits scene shows the rebel unit floating in the space they had been transported to, regretting their decision to betray Chell. It’s a good time for the core personality that was supposed to be the player’s friend against GLaDOS, but it still doesn’t excuse what he did. Fortunately for Wheatley, he’ll have plenty of time to think about what he’s done by floating in space forever.

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