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My Midweek Morning Train says:

The New Finance Rich List: Step aside, Buffett. Ken Griffin, Jeff Yass, Changpeng Zhao, Dan Gilbert, Uday Kotak and the rest of today’s money moguls are moving fast. (Bloomberg)

Megatrends: The Economics of Longevity:Global demographics are signaling a gray wave over the next decade that could boost consumer spending in key areas. (US News)

‘How to Buy Gold’ Hits Google Record as Crypto Investors Chase World’s Oldest Asset: The old-school precious metal has a new appeal for a generation seeking a respite from the cryptocurrency roller coaster. (Wall Street Journal)

Is it a soft landing or the start of a recession? If the economy avoids a recession, it will be despite the Fed, not thanks to it. (vox)

There is something very wrong with Uber: And the gimmick of the CEO working as a driver won’t fix it. (Board)

What happened to Beyond Meat? Misadventures and category errors in the bleeding vegetable of innovation. (Financial times)

the chaos machine: The inside story of how social media reshaped our minds and our world (Next Big Idea Club)

How the Dutch mastered bike parking at train stations: A decade ago, the Netherlands began building a national network of bike garages integrated with train stations. This is how that investment has paid off. (City Laboratory)

Tucker Carlson was the biggest star on Fox News. He then became his biggest responsibility: In that sense, Carlson is somewhat like Donald Trump, who became famous for calling himself a “ratings machine.” You can despise what these men say and still have trouble taking your eyes off their presence on television; they have a kind of wicked gift, like the one bestowed by an evil godmother to an unfortunate child in a fairy tale. (The Guardian) See also Fox fired its biggest star Tucker Carlson, who badmouthed the bosses: Lachlan Murdoch made the decision to fire him on Friday night. Other conservative networks say they would like to hire him. (Bloomberg)

Will there be a Big Chill Millennial? Millennials are finally doing well financially. Will his politics be moderated? (Noahpinion)

Be sure to watch our Master of Business interview this weekend with Brian Hamburger, founder of MarketCounsel and Hamburger Law Firm. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer, consultant, and advocate for independent investment advisers, which is a $97 trillion industry. MarketCounsel and the Hamburger Law Firm are the leading business and regulatory compliance consultancy to the nation’s foremost independent business investment advisers in the securities and investment industry.

The myth of the broke millennial

Source: The Atlantic

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