10 Weekend Readings: The Big Picture

The weekend has arrived! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a seat outside, and get ready for our longest weekend reads:

do something wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words (Steve Jobs Archive)

Inside Rupert Murdoch’s succession drama: With Dominion’s $1.6 billion lawsuit threatening to hurt Fox News, the ink on his divorce from Jerry Hall still wet, and his broken engagement to Ann Lesley Smith even more recent, it’s been a chaotic 12 months for the conservative media 92 years old. baron. As Fox and family experts say, this could just be the beginning. (vanity fair)

Ukrainian sketches: Even as their cities are bombed, Ukrainians continue to fill their malls with electronics, stage classical music concerts and import tropical fruits, acts of resistance to Russia’s attempts to destroy the fabric of their society. (the believer)

Groundwater Gold Rush: Banks, pension funds and insurers have been turning California’s water scarcity into huge profits, leaving people with less water to drink. (Bloomberg)

the eurochip: The search for the European microchip from the 1980s to the present. (phenomenal world)

The false promise of opportunity zones: Tax breaks for investors don’t help poor communities. Instead of seeking venture capital, cities must build new institutions to increase neighborhood wealth. (Boston Review)

Adrift: At dawn on May 28, 2021, a strange vessel appeared in the Caribbean. When the local fishermen approached, they made a shocking discovery: everyone on board was dead. The origin of the ship and its passengers was a mystery. However, what was left contained clues to its history. (access point)

How does a magician fool other magicians? we went to find out. In the “Magic Olympics”, magicians from all over the world compete to be considered the best in the world. To win, they must fool each other. (National Geographic)

the limits of forgiveness: I asked myself: Who am I being unfair to? It occurred to me that you can be unfair to someone, either by being too lenient or too unforgiving. There has to be some sort of balance between justice and mercy, with mercy being the work of forgiveness and punishment being the work of justice. (Point)

Kevin Love wants to move on: A Hall of Fame career may be enough for some, but not for Love. She didn’t go to Miami to chase a ring, she’s chasing meaning and an itch she just can’t scratch. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 20 [seasons]says Love, “but I’ve always had my eyes on that.” (the ringer)

Be sure to check out our Master of Business this week with joe barattaglobal director of private equity at the giant PE black stone. In the 2000s, he helped establish the firm’s private equity business in Europe. He sits on Blacktone’s Board of Directors and its Management Committee and is a member of many of the company’s investment committees.

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