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1923 Filming Locations: Where The Yellowstone Spinoff Was Filmed

the yellow stone spin-off series prequel 1923 it features epic locations that rival those of the original show, and to achieve this, the crew filmed on three different continents. In fact, just like in yellow stoneThe locations are just as important as the characters. 1923, whose daily lives and struggles are tied to the land they stand on. After all, living and working at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch isn’t just about enjoying the freedom inherent in being a cowboy in the ranching industry. It’s also about being worthy stewards of the pristine wilderness of the Montana mountains.


1923 takes this to another level by featuring not only the wilderness of Montana in the US, but also the natural landscapes of Africa and Europe. Unraveling the dark history of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, 1923 takes audiences to the wild places and difficult times that made the Duttons who and what they are. Here Are All The Confirmed Filming Locations For Taylor Sheridan 1923.

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Montana, USA – Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

brian geraghty and helen mirren in 1923

1923 it has a total of 13 different filming locations, and 9 of them are cities and towns that are located in Montana. This includes Pony, Anaconda, Whitehall, Dillon, Hamilton, Valier, Deer Lodge, Park City, and Butte. as in yellow stonethe state of Montana serves as the primary real-world filming location for 1923. the yellow stone prequel filmed in his home state for scenes involving the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with Cara and Jack Dutton, the local pastures and wilderness, Jacob’s scenes downtown, and Teonna Rainwater’s time at a Catholic boarding school. Shooting in many of the same locations as the original series is just one of the many ways that 1923 references yellow stone.

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Africa – Spencer Dutton in Namibia

Duttons issued in 1923

1923Filming locations for also include South Africa and Tanzania. These locations were used primarily for scenes involving Spencer Dutton’s time as a hunter and safari guide in Namibia. In particular, the beauty of Africa’s untouched wilderness rivals that of Montana, which is a key message in the scenes in which Spencer tries to escape his past. As Spencer says when he asks where he’s from while he’s in Namibia, Montana is “the mountain version of this place.” Taking his cue from yellow stone, 1923 The filming locations almost serve as living characters in the show, expressing through sheer majesty what dialogue and actors cannot. For Spencer, the grassy and dangerous plains of Namibia are all too familiar.

Malta and Europe – Key Plot Points from 1923

who is michelle randolph playing in 1923

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Interestingly, IMDB lists Malta and Europe separately 1923 filming locations, even though Malta is in Europe. Also, while it’s unclear what scenes were filmed in these locations, it’s likely that Malta and other parts of Europe will serve as the setting for more revelations about 1923 the villainous Donald Whitfield, or even Elizabeth Strafford, who intends to marry a Dutton she meets abroad. In any case, by revealing the history of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, 1923 is expanding Sheridan’s verse outside of Montana, revealing not only how the Duttons came to be on three different continents, but also their impact on the world.

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