1932 Packard Standard Eight Series 902 Coupe Roadster

Ahhh, another beautiful Spring Day that calls for some top-down motoring:

I was never very fond of cars from the 1930s or 1940s as they predate my automotive experiences, but I can appreciate the designs of the period.

The Packard featured comprehensive mechanical updates that made these beautiful cars easier to operate than previous generations. However, the Great Depression put a ceiling on sales. (I’m confused by Packard’s nomenclature – did the 9 series follow the 8 series? The car is the Standard Eight, but what did it follow, the Standard Six? (You may need to go further down the rabbit hole of Packard nomenclature).

The specs aren’t impressive today, but they were class-leading in their day:

320ci L-head 8-cylinder engine
110 hp at 3200 rpm
3-speed synchronized manual transmission
Solid front and active rear axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs
4-wheel mechanical drum brakes

All of these were considered improvements over the Packard 800 series, itself a well-regarded car. You can find production numbers here.

Check out some of Packard’s wonderful commercials from the time, after the jump.

Prices Vary Widely This one auctioned for $70k in Sotheby’swhile another went for $170k; another one is estimated to cost $200-250k in bonhams. This beautiful example recently sold for $151,000 in Bring a Trailer.

Fountain: bring a trailer

The advertising of the time is still charming:

through vintage car advertising,

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