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2 NFL Teams Likely to Win in Week 16

The NFL logo on the goalpost during a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium on September 15, 2008 in Irving, Texas.
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The NFL has a lot of teams that need a win during week 16.

While these teams need wins to keep their playoff hopes alive or maintain their seeding position, not all of them will get the much-needed win.

However, there are two teams that will likely win their game during week 16.

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Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are taking the break of their lives.

After starting the season as the worst team in the NFL for 2022, they are now looking to make NFL history with a playoff berth.

However, they must win to have a chance to make history.

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With them facing off against the Carolina Panthers, they look to pick up another win.

While his defense still has some issues, Jared Goff has been solid in his last six games.

He has thrown for 1,563 yards, nine touchdowns and zero interceptions while posting a 104.4 passer rating.

With him playing error-free football, the Lions have an easy win against another easy opponent.

buffalo bills

The Buffalo Bills face the Chicago Bears who already have a spot in the NFL playoffs.

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However, a win over the Bears will give the Bills the AFC East division title.

Since the Bears’ defense can’t contain the opponents, this game gives the Bills the easiest game they have left of the season.

They will make the most of this, as a win also keeps them up against the Kansas City Chiefs for the number one spot.

While the Bears’ offense has life thanks to Justin Fields, it can’t go all out to win the game.

This leaves the door open for an easy victory for the Bills.

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