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2 NFL Teams That Aren’t As Good As Their Record

NFL logo locker room

There are a couple of NFL teams every year that have a good track record, but everyone expects them to crash.

It could be due to his quarterback play, weak schedule, or roster construction.

But usually there are some teams that make the playoffs that aren’t taken very seriously.

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This season there are some teams that could have that quality.

Here are two NFL teams that aren’t nearly as good as their record.

tennessee titans

One AFC team that has a winning record that probably shouldn’t be is the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans are 7-7 on the year, but they shouldn’t even be that good.

This team has a -38 point differential on the season and has played a weak schedule.

Of their seven wins on the season, they only have one over a team with a winning record.

They lack explosiveness on offense, going like running back Derrick Henry.

Plus, they have abysmal pass defense, ranking worst in the NFL.

If the Titans hold on to the division lead, they should be unique in the playoffs.

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minnesota vikings

Somehow through 14 games into the season, the Minnesota Vikings have 11 wins and a +2 point differential.

They win a lot of close games and should consider themselves lucky to have double-digit wins.

Their best win of the season was on the road against the Buffalo Bills, which is very impressive.

But, against the main opponents of the NFC (Eagles and Cowboys), the Vikings have two losses.

Minnesota appears to be targeting the top two or three seeds in the NFC and hosting a playoff game.

But any of the Lions, Commanders or Seahawks could give them trouble in the first round.

An early playoff exit seems very likely for the Vikings.

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