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“40% Commission Karnataka, Rapist Remission Gujarat”: Telangana’s KTR . Posts

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KTR also flagged the respective minister and asked her to “prepare” for the job. a file


Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao today took a bold step on Twitter and said the state would see a “remarkable shift” in malnutrition statistics over the next 18 months and asked the concerned minister to “prepare” for the job.

This came during a Twitter debate between KTR, son of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, and former Infosys TV director Mohandas Pai.

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KTR on Wednesday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments on malnutrition in the latest episode of his monthly Man Ki Bhat radio address.

The Prime Minister spoke about how music and bagan can be used to fight malnutrition. He described the events of Bhajan Kirtan in Madhya Pradesh where nutritionists also spoke.

KTR, while making a dig, tweeted, “Bhajan as a solution to malnutrition! This also comes from PM! I really hope it’s a remote typo as Bhojan is written as Bhajan.”

“India is ranked 101/116 on the Global Hunger Index, we need an immediate focus and a solution to malnutrition, not these comedians,” he added.

In a quick rebuttal, Pai cited Telangana’s malnutrition record and asked KTR to “show work, not point to others”.

“KTRRTRS You really are a superstar, since you have ruled Telangana for so long, show us data on malnutrition in your state, what you have done over time. Please show actions, not point others, data in NFHS-5 Sanju_Verma_vijaygajerathehawkeyex, tweeted.

The Telangana minister responded by “accepting the challenge” and set 18 months for the shift.

“Before Mohan’s challenge. In the next 18 months, you will witness a remarkable shift in malnutrition statistics in my state Mark my tweet; we will outperform both the 40% commission of the government’s forgiveness in Karnataka and the forgiveness of the government’s forgiveness in Gujarat. @SatyavathiTRS Garu & @WCDTelangana Let’s get ready” , he tweeted.

Satyavathi Rathod is the Telangana Minister for the Welfare of Women, Children and the Scheduled Tribes.

The National Family Health Survey 5 in 2020 found that the prevalence of stunting and wasting in children in Telangana increased by 5 percentage points between 2016 and 2020. Childhood underweight and anemia increased by 4 percentage points and 9 percentage points, respectively, during these Period. period, the survey found.

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