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7 True Things and 7 False Things About Al Yankovic’s Weird Movie

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is out now, and it’s simply 108 minutes of absurd joy.

It stars Daniel Radcliffe and is a parody of the musical biopics that have become so popular in recent years. Could you expect anything more from Weird Al?

Here’s a handy list of things that are actually true in the movie, and which have been more than a little embellished:


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TRUE: A door-to-door salesman came to Al’s house and piqued his interest in the accordion.


FALSE: His parents were not supportive of his music and Al had to practice the accordion in secret. Actually, Mr. and Mrs. Yankovic were perfectly supportive of his son.


TRUE: “My Bologna” was recorded in a public restroom, but not at a bus stop.


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FALSE: “My Bologna” was Weird Al’s first hit.


TRUE: Dr. Demento is a real person and was instrumental in launching Weird Al’s career. However, it didn’t occur to him to add “Weird” to Al’s name as the movie suggests.


FALSE: Al’s career path was quite different from what the movie portrays, starting with his roommates becoming his bandmates.


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TRUE: The percussion on “Another One Rides the Bus” is actually of Al’s drummer, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, banging on an accordion case as depicted in the film.


FALSE: Al had problems with drugs and alcohol that caused a turbulent stage in his career.


TRUE: Oprah made interview Weird Al, but the actual interview had a “slightly different vibe” than what the film portrays.


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FALSE, of course: “Eat It” was written before “Beat It,” and the Michael Jackson song is a parody of Weird Al’s original.


TRUE: The “Yankovic punch” is actually a thing.


FALSE: Madonna romantically pursued Weird Al to write a parody of the song “Like a Virgin,” and the two had a steamy romance.


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TRUE: Hawaiian shirts, if not the excessive lack of shirts, have been a staple of Weird Al’s style throughout the years.


And finally, FALSE: several really wacky scenes that obviously once happened, but I’m going to list them anyway so you get a sense of the vibe of this movie.

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