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90 Day Fiancé: What To Know About Michael Ilesanmi’s New Girlfriend

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem’s suspicions about Michael Ilesanmi were proven correct when she discovered he was cheating on her with his girlfriend.

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90 day fiance star Angela Deem had shocking news about Michael Ilesanmi to share with fans on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7, when he told the cameras about his new girlfriend. Angela (a 56-year-old woman from Georgia) had met Michael (a 34-year-old man from Nigeria) on Facebook in 2017, when he messaged her. His age difference, and the fact that she had many friends online, really bothered Angela. Later, she completely lost faith in him, when she confessed that she had had oral sex with a local woman, behind Angela’s back.


Angela was never able to completely trust Michael, but she married him and began preparing for his move to the US on a spousal visa. Angela often disturbed 90DF fans with her heated arguments with Michael, which happened every time she suspected he was cheating on her. She verbally abused him and forbade him from using any social media pages. However, in hers last 90 day fiance season, Angela found out that Michael had created an Instagram, which he said he would only delete if she gave him money. Fans who were generally sympathetic to Michael began to wonder if he was scamming Angela out of a green card and money. Now, the fact that she has a girlfriend seems to indicate that Angela and Michael have finally broken up for good.

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How did Angela from 90 Day Fiancé find out about Michael’s girlfriend?

90 Day Fiancé-Clues Angela - Michael- Cheating Scandal - Scripted

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In season 7 episode 17, cameras followed Angela to her backyard, where she was crying. Angela explained that she and Michael were, “on a good note” when he came back from Nigeria. She was happy when she left and things went back to normal for two weeks. They talked on the phone every night, 24/7, and she felt the spark and the love was there. Angela believed that they were on their way to preparing to bring Michael to the United States, so that they could finally live as husband and wife. Angela was happy and in love with her when her friend sent her text messages that led her to believe that Michael was cheating on her online.

Who is 90 Day Fiancé Star Michael’s new girlfriend?

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According to 90 day fiance celeb Angela, the as yet unidentified woman is 31 years old and met Michael on Instagram. Michael and his girlfriend had been talking the entire time Angela was in Nigeria, which explains why she refused to delete her Instagram. He reportedly even spoke to her after Angela returned to the US, and this alleged romance had been going on for two months. Angela claimed that she obtained screenshots of her chats, as well as a voice note, in which Michael spoke to the woman in the same way that he speaks to her wife. He told her to pick up the phone from her and said: “Baby I love you.” Even the texts showed 90 day fiance star michael telling his girlfriend that he is, “I won’t leave you baby, it’s okay, I mean it” adding, “she says she will leave me” about angela.

Michael claims his new girlfriend is just a ‘toy’

michael ilesanmi brown shirt 90 day fiancé in nigeria CROPPED

Angela claimed that when she confronted Michael during a call, he told her that was not the case. She shared with Angela that she was lonely and that she didn’t mean anything she had said. It seems that Michael realized that he really loved Angela, since he said that the other woman was: “just a toy” to him. At that moment, Angela wasn’t sure: should she forgive Michael or break up with him? However, 90 day fiance Couple Angela and Michael were spotted together in Nigeria in November, confirming that he is not in the United States yet. However, he is still married to the American woman, possibly after forgiving him for cheating on him.

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