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90 Day Fiancé’s Tiffany Responds To Rumors That Ronald’s GF Is Pregnant

Following her drama on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3, Tiffany Franco fuels rumors that her ex-husband Ronald Smith’s girlfriend is pregnant.

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tiffany frank de 90 day fiance addressed rumors about ex-husband Ronald Smith having a baby with his girlfriend. Tiffany from Maryland married South African Ronald in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side season 1. Tiffany, who already had a son named Daniel from a previous relationship when she was just 18, welcomed another baby, a daughter named Carley, with Ronald in 2019. However, Ronald and Tiffany had to stay apart due to to problems with your visa. , and the couple constantly drifted apart because he was not supporting them emotionally or financially. However, Tiffany remained married to Ronald and visited South Africa in 90 days: the single life season 3 to get back together with him.


Only a few days after Ronald convinced Tiffany to reconcile, she realized that he was also seeing another woman. Tiffany exposed Ronald at the recent Tell-All, even though he had asked her to keep quiet. She told her co-stars that she had filed for divorce from her and subsequently removed Ronald’s last name from her Instagram account. While Tiffany was taking care of things, Reddit user LivingThruReality posted a screen recording of Tiffany’s recent Instagram Live, where she was asked if Ronald was going to father her again. “I got a tip that Ronald told Tiffany that his girlfriend was pregnant in November, so I asked him:”, they added in their caption. During the video, Tiffany read the 90 day fiance the fan’s question and while laughing and taking a sip of her coffee, she replied, “maybe.Tiffany gasped as she clutched her chest and yelled:poor girl” at the end of the clip.

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90 Day Fiancé fans blame Tiffany for her problems with Ronald

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith of 90 Day Fiancé

Although Tiffany ultimately decided to end things with Ronald (hopefully), fans believe that she deserves some of the blame for what happened because she chose to stay with Ronald, who is a “walking red flagSupposedly, Tiffany was with Ronald in South Africa for four months after their latest arrangement. In fact, there’s a chance Tiffany wouldn’t have broken up with Ronald if his girlfriend hadn’t called him one day and she told him. 90 day fiance The Tiffany star was lying in bed with Ronald when this happened, which riles fans as she was almost certain she was.done” with the man, and was also dating other people in the United States.

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Tiffany ending things with Ronald also meant that the 90 day fiance star was free to pursue her own new relationship. Tiffany was very surprised at the single life season 3 Tell All when Dan, a comedian she had gone on a date with to hide horses, was brought in. Dan was understandably skeptical that Tiffany was going to see her husband separated from her right after they had seen him once for the date. Dan saw Tiffany as a promising potential match, but she chose to go back to Ronald regardless, only to have her heart broken again.

But Dan wanted to see Tiffany again.”the following thursdaywhich he apparently did. She recently posted a video of her kissing Dan on her cheek to her Instagram. This seems to confirm that Tiffany and Dan are now in a relationship and seeing where things go. The new romance of Tiffany, owner of Addy Rose Cosmetics, is still young because the 90 days: the single life Season 3 Tell-All was filmed only in September. With Ronald also going strong with his girlfriend, who is possibly pregnant, this toxic 90 day fiance the relationship could, thankfully, for its viewers, finally end.

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Source: u/LivingThruReality/Reddit

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