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A pregnant Chicago woman reportedly stabbed her father-to-be after a baby shower for using the microwave

a pregnant chicago The woman has been charged with murder after police say she stabbed the father-to-be at his baby shower, allegedly for using the microwave to heat up some food.

Keshia Golden, eight months pregnant, says she was defending herself from her boyfriend, Calvin Sidney, 29, when she stabbed him in the early hours of October 22.

Pregnant woman pleads self-defense after fatally stabbing father of child at baby shower

According to the Chicago Sun-TimesThe fight occurred after the couple and other family members returned to their Austin apartment from a party the previous Saturday night.

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Prosecutors said the argument escalated over the use of the microwave, prompting Golden, 33, to grab a plate from Sidney, who then shoved her against the counter in return.

Sidney’s uncle reportedly attempted to separate the two before Sidney went to one of the bedrooms, where Golden allegedly followed him with a knife and stabbed him in the leg, leaving him mortally wounded after the knife pierced his artery. femoral.

Golden then dropped the knife and left the apartment, according to prosecutors.

Sidney later died at Mount Sinai Hospital. Unaware of her boyfriend’s death, she returned to her apartment, where she was arrested, New York Post reports.

“It was just toxic with those two,” says the suspect’s mother of the couple, who had five previous incidents of domestic violence

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Tarsha Ellis, Golden’s mother, said “it was just toxic with those two” but insisted Sidney would not have wanted charges against her if she survived.

“It was just toxic with those two,” Ellis said. “But they loved each other. If he could get up right now, they wouldn’t have a case because he would never want charges against her.”

Authorities revealed that five other domestic violence incidents occurred between the two, four in which Golden accused Sidney of punching him. choking her, slapping her, or pushing her.

In the fifth incident, Sidney accused Golden of domestic violence, only to later drop the charges against him.

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Golden has an upcoming appearance before a judge that her appointed attorney revealed would be scheduled less than two weeks before her due date.

Boy who will now be born behind bars, will be separated from his mother immediately after birth

Now, the child will be born behind bars, where it will then be taken from them immediately after birth, according to Golden’s public defender, Julie Koehler.

“Not only forcing Keshia to give birth in prison, but also taking her child immediately after birth is cruel to mother and baby.” Kohler he told The Sun-Times.

Meanwhile, Golden’s mother insists her daughter “didn’t kill anyone” and that she “didn’t know you could kill someone by stabbing them in the leg.”

“She didn’t mean to kill anyone,” said Golden’s mother, Tarsha Ellis. “She broke because of it. She didn’t know you could kill someone by stabbing them in the leg. She just wanted her to get away from her because she was misbehaving and she was worried about hurting the baby. And he wouldn’t go.

Golden was held on $2 million bond on Friday.

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