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Aaron Donald next to Kanye West’s desert amid anti-Semitism row as Rams star walks out of Donda Sports

Just a few months after signing with Kanye West’s Donda Sports, LA Rams star Aaron Donald decided to cut all ties with the rapper’s sports marketing agency. On Twitter, Donald denounced that the rapper “Recent Comments and Displays of Hate and Anti-Semitism”.

The controversy has been brewing since Oct. 9, when West and rapper Diddy got into a conversation about the former’s “White Lives Matter” T-shirt controversy.

In an exchange that would soon spiral out of control, the Grammy Award-winning rapper tweeted that he “Go to death with 3 over the Jewish people.” He later tried to defend his statement, but the tweet was quickly deleted and he has since been blocked from his account.

Donald joined Donda Sports in May, weeks after winning his first Super Bowl ring with the LA Rams. The agency, founded and named by West after his late mother, is now in deep trouble as Donald isn’t the only major star to back down.

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Jaylen Brown of the NBA, who also signed a contract with the agency in May. he took to Twitter to let it be known that he, too, was disassociating himself from the label after the backlash:

“In light of that, after sharing conversations, I now recognize that there are times when my voice and my position cannot coexist in spaces that do not correspond to my position or my values. And for that, I am terminating my association with Donda Sports.”

Who is the president of Kanye West’s Donda Sports?

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers
Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers

As West tries to put out the raging inferno caused by his business dealings with his comments, he can rest easy knowing that Donda Sports will be in good hands. After all, the president of the organization is, of course, Antonio Brown.

In February, Brown had posted an image of a bill for more than $2.1 million through which he let the world know that he was the man who ran Donda. Brown has recently been pursuing his own musical ambitions. But Donald and Brown’s withdrawals will definitely see him spending a few more hours working on calls than freestyling in the studio.

Edited by Souryadeep Mazumder

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