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Adar Did WHAT? Is Rings Of Power’s Shock Sauron Twist True?

Warning: The Rings of Power episode 6 spoilersmade adar Really kill Sauron in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power? Everyone from Lindon to the Southlands knows that Sauron is on the prowl. the rings of power‘s Shadows: It’s simply a matter of where it hides and when it will reveal itself. Many naturally assumed the rings of power The big bad from season 1 (Joseph Mawle’s Adar) was working in league with the Dark Lord, executing Sauron’s evil machinations in his absence.


the rings of power Episode 6 all but confirms that is not the case. Captured and interrogated by Galadriel, Adar acknowledges his loyalty to Morgoth, but explains that Sauron’s harsh treatment of the orcs after the War of Wrath annoyed him. Adar is, after all, the long-time progenitor of the race. Feeling protective over his little bundles of hate, Adar apparently killed Sauron, thus becoming the main purveyor of Middle-earth’s misery. Sauron, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen since… if the Adar story is to be believed.

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The Lord of the rings fans will of course know that Sauron doesn’t die until the destruction of the One Ring in the Third Age (and even then he technically still exists in some metaphysical form). With this in mind, what is the truth behind Adar’s boastful claim in the rings of power episode 6?

Did Adar really kill Sauron in the rings of power? Can the?

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Before we dig into the weeds of your claim, the rings of power viewers can at least assume Adar believe what he is saying to Galadriel. There is no obvious benefit to lying in this situation, and Adar’s story about wanting to protect the orcs from Sauron’s cruelty coincides with the discovery of Galadriel’s experiment chamber from episode 1 and the promises Adar has made. repeatedly about wanting the Southlands to become orcs. shelter. Adar therefore seems to honestly believe that he killed the Dark Lord.

You are almost certainly wrong. Sauron is one of the Maiar, angelic and immortal spirits since the beginning of time. Since the Maiar are divine and primordial beings, they do not die in the traditional sense. Even after the eventual destruction of the One Ring, The return of the King it confirms that Sauron still lives on as a weakened spirit floating helplessly through the shadows (the same fate implicitly befalls Saruman, though wizards are a slightly special case). Maiar can, through great effort, be diminished to the point of no return, but the essence of him remains bound to the world.

However, Maiar’s physical forms are not invulnerable to damage. The likes of Lúthien, Gil-galad, and Elendil all enjoyed success in battle against Sauron, but the Dark Lord’s spirit survived in each case, renewing his strength, restoring his body, and returning to prominence. Perhaps this is what happened between Sauron and Adar in the rings of power. Adar could have killed Sauron’s physical body, forcing his spirit away until he returned enough power to launch a comeback. At worst, Adar’s betrayal would have been a nasty inconvenience to Sauron.

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How Sauron could return to Middle Earth

The Lord of the rings He talks about two ways Maia can regain her physical form after a loss. One is by the grace of the Valar, as seen when Gandalf dies fighting the Balrog of Moria but returns as Gandalf the White. The second method is to go the long way around by renewing over time. After the destruction of Númenor, for example, Sauron’s physical body disappears. Tolkien writes of how the villain’s spirit endures, retreating to Middle-earth and slowly forging a new form over many years. This could certainly explain how Sauron challenges the sword of Adar in the rings of power. Since the Valar are unlikely to bring him back as “Sauron the Purple”, the Dark Lord could only secretly wait until he regained his strength from him, and the body that Adar may or may not have killed was replaced by a new way.

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Annoyingly, this knowledge does not bring the rings of power closer to explaining where Sauron could be. If Adar overcame Sauron’s physical form and forced him to spend many centuries recovering, it’s possible the villain will return to Middle-earth as a flaming meteor with no recollection of his former self. The theory connecting Sauron with the rings of power‘s Stranger is therefore still alive. At the same time, Adar’s forced exile of Sauron sounds suspiciously similar to the fate Halbrand was forced to endure…

Adar’s story could explain a Tolkien mystery

JRR Tolkien’s mythology leaves a large part of Sauron’s story unexplained. After the War of Wrath ended, Sauron chose to run and hide rather than face the judgment of the Valar. He eventually started making moves 500 years into the Second Age, spent another 500 years redecorating Mordor, and finally activated his One Ring master plan by appearing as Annatar another half century later. Compared to the 100 years (give or take) between the destruction of Sauron’s body in Númenor and his subsequent wars against Gondor, it’s fair to wonder why it took the Dark Lord 1500 years to make waves after Morgoth’s defeat.

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The real answer, of course, is a combination of gathering troops, making plans, building fortresses, and amassing power after a crushing defeat. the rings of power may be offering an alternate perspective, where Sauron’s Second Age return was rudely interrupted by the sword of a supposed ally delaying his glorious return.

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