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Adele suffered a painful back injury after her son tried to prank the singer! – The Hourly News

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Adele He knows all too well how pranks can go horribly wrong!

In a recent interview with deerThe 34-year-old pop star revealed that she sustained a serious and painful back injury in January 2021 after her 9-year-old son. Angelo I tried to prank her one day. According to the outlet, Adele explained that she was leaving her bathroom last year when her “baby jumped up to scare her”. While this sounds like nothing more than an innocent joke, it backfired at the time! The accident resulted in Adele’s L6 disc, which is located near her tailbone, slipping. Yikes!!!

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Adele admitted to the director, however, that the injury wasn’t a huge surprise as she’s always dealt with her back “since she was a teenager.” While the area has been injured many times before, the injury still appears to take some time to heal. deer She mentioned that Adele was still moving “slowly” during the interview.

Hopefully Adele gets better soon – especially considering that she recently announced the new dates for her Las Vegas residency. Caesar Palace Hotel. after delay Weekends with Adele Performance due to alleged COVID delays, mom shared Instagram The show will start in November.

“Words cannot explain how happy I am to finally be able to announce these scheduled shows. I was so sad that I had to cancel them. But after what seemed to me to be figuring out the logistics of the show I really wanted to take, knowing it could happen I’m more excited than ever!”

Adele might want to make sure Angelo handles it easy for the next couple of months so fans can see her long-awaited stay!

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