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Agent Smith Was Once The One – Matrix Theory Explained

Agent Smith was very different from other Matrix shows, and one Matrix The above “Ones” theory may help explain why. Of the henchman of the machine in Matrix to the main antagonist in Matrix revolutions, Agent Smith became one of the most recognizable villains in science fiction, and a lot of that has to do with his unique dynamic with Neo, the hero of the story. Rather than simply wanting to destroy Neo, Agent Smith realized that The One was the key to becoming more powerful, creating an almost symbiotic relationship between Neo and the rogue program.


While the end of Matrix noted as the moment when Neo embraces his hero’s journey and truly becomes The One, the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith is also when the latter becomes powerful enough to break free of his programming. Smith combining with Neo, even for a brief moment, was enough to change the course of the machines’ plans, as he created an unpredictable rebel group in the human-machine war that is presumably 600 years old. Although combining with Neo would be enough to make Smith a risk, one fan theory (via Reddit) suggests that Smith himself was an earlier “The One”.

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Agent Smith was always different from other agents

Agent Smith Agents of the Matrix

Agent Smith becomes much more powerful after his first fight against Neo, but the villain was already quite different from other Matrix agents early on. While all Agents shown in Matrix showing no emotions and displaying no unique personality traits, Agent Smith felt closer to what a “human villain” would be like. For example, Smith would engage in conversations with Neo and other characters, something that other agents would not. Smith also seemed to have a twisted sense of humor, even with some hints of irony in his dialogue with Neo and Morpheus. In fact, Smith’s conversation with Morpheus says a lot about the character.

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Smith removed his headset to speak to Morpheus, which just goes to show how different from the other agents he already was at that point. Although the machines had no appreciation for the humans given what happened in the First Machine War, they recognized the importance of humanity and the importance of the Matrix simulation in keeping the world running. The machines needed humans, so the Matrix was designed to be neither a paradise nor a purgatory, but a reconstruction of the planet Earth at the end of the 20th century. Agent Smith, on the other hand, had enough agency to look down on humans and anything associated with them.

Theory: Smith was once a human (and one of “The Ones”)

Agent Smith and Neo in Matrix Films

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As great as Agent Smith is as a character, the rules of the Matrix universe make it hard to explain how Smith can be so different from other Agents early on. While the movies featured some shows with a higher level of agency, such as Matrix‘s Oracle and the Merovingian, there is nothing to suggest that a simple Agent program could become as “self-aware” as Agent Smith. Therefore, something must have happened to Smith before the events of Matrix to justify his personality in the first film. According to fan theory, Smith was a human, the first person to receive the Prime Program.

If Smith was The One, then he was also the first human given an ultimatum by the machines. As The Architect explains in Matrix Reloaded, Neo was not the second, but the sixth iteration of the prophecy. Neo, like all the other Ones before him, would have to choose between fighting the machines until humanity was extinguished or giving up the fight and restarting the cycle by freeing 23 people from the Matrix to rebuild Zion. According to that theory, such a twisted choice is what broke Smith’s spirit after he realized that everything he believed in was a machine-constructed lie.

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In this version of the “Agent Smith was the one” theory, Smith’s resentment upon learning the truth is what leads him to become an intrinsic part of the Matrix simulation instead of just the avatar of a human being. . Other versions of the “Agent Smith was the chosen one” theory suggest that the machines, unable to get Smith to commit to choosing one of the two options, rebooted his mind and severed Smith’s connection to his original body. . Smith would have been assimilated by the Matrix, which would have transformed the former into an Agent. In this scenario, the machines would have repurposed Smith as a new asset: Agent Smith.

Smith had a unique connection to Neo

Smith and Neo in the Matrix movies

Agent Smith took a special interest in Neo from the start. Not only that, but after Smith and Neo merged at the end of the Matrix, Smith survived and even absorbed some of what made Neo so special. It’s safe to assume that a normal program would have been completely assimilated (or simply destroyed) by Neo under those circumstances. Smith, however, was able to return, now more powerful than ever. Agent Smith was unable to explain why his interaction with Neo had changed him so much, which would add to Smith not remembering that he was ever The One.

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Smith was crucial for Neo to break the cycle of The One and achieve a truce between humans and machines in Matrix revolutions. Smith is considered by many to be the exact opposite of Neo, someone who rose to counter Neo’s powers. That parallel between the hero and the villain becomes even more interesting if Smith was one earlier. In this scenario, both Neo and Smith would have found a third answer to The Architect’s ultimatum: Smith returned to the Matrix and became a part of it, while Neo negotiated a truce to save Zion and free humanity at a certain point. level.

Does Smith being a fallen “chosen one” really work?

Neo and Smith in Matrix Reloaded

Agent Smith’s formation from reminiscences of a previous One would explain why he acts and sounds different from other Agents. Smith would have originated from a human, which explains why he is able to engage in conversations with Neo and Morpheus. The fact that Agent Smith was a human also adds another layer to his hatred of humanity. Even if Smith couldn’t remember the whole truth, something in his programming could have led to his resentment of the cycle of lies established between humans and machines. Essentially, Smith as a former explains why he is against both machines and humans.

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All things considered, there are problems with “Smith was The One” Matrix theory. For example, if Smith really were a human who lived in the first version of Zion, then Agent Smith wouldn’t have had to find a random human, Bane, to enter the real world in Matrix revolutions. Instead, it is most likely that he would have found his way back to his original body, though it is theorized that the machines would have removed him by now. Another major problem with Smith being a former One is that the machines would know how dangerous Smith was from the start, which contradicts how unpredictable Smith’s actions are in revolutions were.

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