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‘AGT’ Winner Mayyas Reveals How $1 Million Prize Will Be Divided Among Group Of 40 People

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Image Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

get ready for Mayyas to dominate the world. The incredible Lebanese dance company was crowned the america’s got talent winner of season 17 on September 14. From getting the Golden Buzzer to the end, it has been an incredible journey for Mayyas. The group won the coveted $1 million prize and will host a headlining show in Las Vegas.

Mayyas after winning season 17 of ‘AGT’. (NBC)

Mayyas is made up of a large group of women. How will the million dollars be divided between them? “We are like 40 girls. First, it will be divided among the girls, and our choreographer will open a new dance studio, where we can train and advance. [in Lebanon],” Lara Djiban told reporters, including hollywoodlifeafter the end.

Lara also pointed out that members of Mayyas have been observing AGT since they were children. “It was a childhood dream, but we never imagined winning it,” she admitted.

Mayyas captivated for the first time the AGT world with his excellent hearing in June 2022. Sofia Vergara she was so impressed that she gave the group her Golden Buzzer, sending them straight to the live shows. She was the fiercest supporter of Mayyas among the judges this season.

In the midst of the thrill of winning AGT, Marcelle Assal he noted that this also means “we’re going to have to leave our homes and our families for 4 months to go somewhere and raise their name even higher and make them even more proud.”

Mayyas celebrating her victory during the season 17 finale. (NBC)

Simon Cowell revealed that he was not surprised that Mayyas took home the victory. “The complexity and the imagination, the creativity, the focus of him, his work ethic and everything…it was amazing. They are one of the best winners we have ever had,” Simon told reporters after the final.

america’s got talent will return for season 18. Simon also teased a All the stars edition of AGTwhat will he be champions spin-off “under a different name”.

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