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AI Generator Turns You Into A Pokémon (But You’re Not Going To Like It)

A new AI art generator gives fans the opportunity to turn their names into Pokémon, but the results of this may seem somewhat unsettling.

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A new AI generator allows users to become Pokemon-style creatures, but the results can be somewhat disturbing. Previous AI attempts to draw a headline Pokemon It also turned out terrifying, suggesting the technology has a long way to go before it can truly match the franchise’s designs.

The art of AI can often produce strange results. The software is essentially trained to recognize patterns and produce new images based on those patterns, but these results can often take an unexpected turn. This can result in creepy, awesome, just plain weird, or even a combination of all three. This is part of why the art of AI has become such a viral sensation; not only can it produce some legitimately amazing visuals, but its “failures” can often be just as entertaining. For video game fans, AI has even been used to predict what upcoming games will look like, such as a set of GTA 6 screenshots created by the Dall-E Mini program.


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The ‘text to pokemon’ AI generator, available on, produces new Pokémon skins based on a text message. Creator justin pinky has also provided a detailed explanation of the AI ​​features on Twitter. Oddly enough, Pinkney claims that he has “i never managed to get a real nsfw image” from the AI, which is appropriate for something based on a family franchise. Pinkney also provides a variety of example results, these demonstrate that when the AI ​​receives a prompt based on a real person’s name, the results can get weird. very quickly.’Obama’s cute creature’ turns the former US president into something of a canine, one with a recognizably human face. animal crossing just a few months ago

AI turns names into strange new Pokémon

The combination of human faces on inhuman bodies seems to be a common theme for the generator. Any notable public figure with available images will often be seen in a variety of outfits, but his face will, of course, remain the same. For an AI being asked to produce art based on their names, replicating their faces often seems like a natural place to start, even if a human wouldn’t agree with that assessment. Of course, this all depends on the AI ​​in question. Using an AI that designs new animal crossing villagers based entirely on pre-existing models will, of course, produce very different results.

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This generator offers fans the chance to turn themselves or others into Pokémon, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee they’ll like the results. Although the generator can produce coherent creatures that match the general Pokemon style, within that flexible framework, the results can be very creepy. A zealot having his own name resulting in such a creature could be somewhat unsettling. However, the art of AI is well known for producing such bizarre results, so a level of entertainment can be found here as well. Ultimately, while this AI art may seem scary at times, it’s still an impressive application of technology.

Sources: text to pokemon/, Justin Pinkney/Twitter

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