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All Hallows’: The land of lost dreams is calling…

The spooky season is almost here, and what could be scarier than a purgatory dimension haunted by half-finished ideas and forgotten concepts? Our annual made-in-Dreams Halloween celebration is almost ready to welcome you, and all your cruelly abandoned WIPs, you monster – to The Land of Lost Dreams.

This year, we’re asking the Dreams community to design strange and unusual glades for players to explore in our Forest of Darkness and cursed trinkets that represent the essence of their creative energy. And oh boy, do they have a lot of that. Our eyes have seen some truly inexplicable things. The cosmic void will be eating well this year.

But when us Will you be able to visit the cosmic void?’, we hear you crying, moaning and grinding (you really should stop doing that, it’s terrible for your teeth). We are delighted to reveal that All Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams will be available in Dreams and will be open to visitors starting October 20, 2022. (Internet connection is required to play online).

What awaits you there? Here’s a quick look at some of the area’s top attractions…

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Fantastic tales and wacky quests

The Land of Lost Dreams is a curious place, with a rich and puzzling history to discover. You will meet and help many strange characters in your main quest by sneaking around, solving puzzles and much more. Some faces may even be familiar to those who have been following the development of Dreams for a long time…

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the forest of darkness

One of the most beautiful and unpredictable locations in The Land of Lost Dreams, this explorable forested area contains all kinds of interactive oddities created by the Dreams community. Go for a walk! See the sights! Don’t think too much about what might be hiding in the bushes!

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Cursed Trinket Shrines

Do you want to soak up culture? Look no further than The Land of Lost Dreams’ fabulous collection of cursed trinkets, handcrafted by dreamers. You’ll have to visit some strange-looking places to find them, but we’re sure as long as you’ve had a tetanus shot, they’re probably safe to visit.

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We’re just scratching the surface, really: There’s even more to discover in The Land of Lost Dreams when it shows up in Dreams next month. If only there was some kind of travel brochure for prospective visitors to read to find out more, provided by a totally legitimate tourist board? Now that would be helpful. Better keep an eye out for something like that on our editorial blog, The Impsider.

Squirts and Screams!

We’ll also be hosting two Halloween-themed live streams on the official Mm Twitch channel to celebrate the season! The first will be our All Hallows: The Land of Lost Dreams launch day stream, at 9am PT / 5pm BST, 20the October, where we’ll be playing the entire event and seeing a lot of the community-made goodness on display.

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The second broadcast at 9am PT / 5pm BST on the 21stSt. October will be a more general spooky session; We’ll be playing some of the scariest games available on Dreams so everyone can laugh at us screaming while being chased by monsters. And yes, we will wear costumes.

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Not only that, but we’ll also be hosting our regular Halloween CoMmunity Jam throughout October. Dream makers love their horror, so you can bet your sweet pumpkins that scary things will come out of that one. The results will be playable during the launch week of All Hallows: The Land of Lost Dreams, so fear not: there will be no shortage of things to tickle your bones (that’s something now, we’ve decided) in Dreams next. month.

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We’ve had a blast bringing All Hallows: The Land of Lost Dreams to life, and we can’t wait for you to come explore the place when the playable event launches in-game on October 20! Unlike all those forgotten ideas languishing in The Land of Lost Dreams, it’s sure to be…unforgettable.

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