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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Amanatullah Khan Arrested From AAP Receives Support From Ex-Congress MLA

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Amanatullah Khan Arrested From AAP Receives Support From Ex-Congress MLA

Amanatullah Khan was arrested by ACB on September 16 in connection with a corruption case.

New Delhi:

Former Delhi Congress MP Asif Khan came out on Monday in support of AAP lawmaker Amanatullah Khan, who was arrested by the CBA, saying the BJP government in the Center is “misusing” its agencies to ” harass” minorities.

Amanatullah Khan was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Section (ACB) on September 16 in connection with a corruption case.

The CBA is investigating alleged recruitment irregularities at the Delhi Waqf Board, which Amanatullah Khan heads as chairman, and has raided four locations, including his residence in Okhla.

Asif Khan stated that the ACB raids on the AAP leader’s house and other places have created panic among the local population in the area.

However, he clarified that he was not giving the AAP MLA a thumbs up.

“Why is the CBA harassing the Khan family and creating panic in the Jamia Nagar area? I am totally against the misuse of the agencies, particularly against minorities, by the BJP government in the Centre,” he said. the leader of Congress.

The ACB had claimed that obstructions were created during their raids on the residence of the AAP MLA. Four people were arrested for allegedly obstructing officials in carrying out their duties.

Some Delhi Congress leaders said that Asif Khan’s decision to support the AAP MLA is his “personal matter” but that he should have prevented it.

Meanwhile, Asif Khan said he was a “steadfast” congressman and will remain so.

“I am not supporting the AAP, my support is for Khan and his family. There is great resentment among the locals and as a politician I have sympathized with them. This will ultimately benefit Congress,” he said.

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Asif Khan has been an MLA twice from the Okhla constituency. In the 2015 Assembly polls, he was defeated by Amanatullah Khan.

According to the ACB, Amanatullah Khan, while serving as chairman of the Delhi Waqf Board, illegally recruited 32 people in violation of all government regulations and guidelines and amid allegations of corruption and favoritism.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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