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Amy Schumer references Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments in ‘SNL’ opening monologue

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Image Credit: NBC

Amy Schumer put some heat friend Kim Kardashianex of kanye-west and his controversial anti-Semitic remarks. The 41-year-old comedian made the reference to the Chicago-born rapper while talking about her husband. chris fisher, 42, who is on the spectrum. “My husband has autism spectrum disorder, he used to be called Asperger, then they found out that Dr. Asperger had ties to the Nazis… Kanye,” she said quietly on the Nov. 5 episode as she looked into her microphone and said, “That is rare. Then he said, “Isn’t that crazy?”

During the monologue, she also joked that it had become awkward having sex with Chris due to the fact that he is her “spouse” and now “family”; indeed, she explained she, her “emergency contact.” She married Gene in 2018.

“My husband and I have a good sex life. We have found that the best day of the week to have sex is always ‘TOMORROW’. We always say, we ate today, we won’t eat tomorrow, we won’t eat tomorrow,” she said on stage after telling the audience that her doctors ordered her not to have sex for six weeks after giving birth. gene david fischer, 3 (“more like six years,” he joked). “It’s awkward having sex with your spouse, it’s… I have Thanksgiving with you, I put your sweaters on, I can’t give it to you, you’re my emergency contact. Sick!” she joked. “We can’t talk dirty to each other, we know each other too well.”

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Amy Schumer hosted ‘SNL’ for the third time on November 5. (NBC)

Amy has been friends with Kim for years. The SKIMS founder made her hosting debut a year ago, in October 2021, and appeared on Hulu’s The Kardashianssought advice from her friend Amy about the opening monologue (which included much criticism directed at her ex-husband kanye-west). Amy also appeared in a Bachelorette party inspired sketch that included surprise cameos from chris rock, Jessica Williams, John Cena, chase crawfordY Tyler Cameron!

“I have no doubt in my mind that my husband is in this room. In fact, I wish I could marry each and every one of you, but that would be too many husbands,” Kim told the group. However, instead of choosing one of the male suitors, Kim revealed that she had fallen in love with one of the show’s producers: Amy! “This might be against the rules, but I really connected with one of the show’s producers. Amy S!” she stated. “Even though I’ve never dated a woman before, I feel…” Kim started as Amy also expressed her feelings.

Amy has hosted SNL twice in the past: made his debut on October 10, 2015 before his movie derailed train. She sprayed one more time on May 12, 2018.

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