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Aoki Lee Calls White Rap Fans’ Miserly Tributes To Take Off Despite Consuming Their Music: “Black Artists Deserve Better”

Aoki Lee Simmons is fed up with the lack of affectionate tributes from the white fans to Take off after he was tragically killed this week, which is why he spoke about it on TikTok.

Russell Simmons’ 20-year-old daughter says she’s noticed that white American fans, who are usually at the forefront of consuming music from The Migos, Takeoff and similar artists, seem not to pay homage to Kirshnik Khari Ball, aka Takeoff. , who died of a gunshot wound while at a bowling alley in Houston on Monday.

Aoki Lee: White hip-hop fans aren’t mourning takeoff despite consuming their music

Simmons acknowledged in her statement on TikTok that she owes her entire life to the existence of hip-hop music, which is why she felt compelled to speak out about the lack of compassion for humans, black artists, behind the music when they die. . of the same problems that plague the black community they rap about.

You know, every time a black hip-hop artist or rap artist[…]dies, it is only those communities, the black community, the hip-hop community, that actively participate in his memory or in his mourning.

At the same time, so many non-black privileged people live their lives, as if the soundtrack to their lives is this music. They are using it for everything…parties, lives, moments, gym, motivation…it is the soundtrack of their life. They are getting a lot of value out of these artists and their life stories and yet when the art dies, not a word.

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Simmons continued, calling for silence from white American fans despite living vicariously through black trauma.

part of what he does [hip-hop] compelling for white Americans are often the stories of the traumatic experiences lived by black Americans. Like, the absolute worst parts of systemic oppression, and the havoc it sucks at in neighborhood communities. violence and drugs[…]but it’s okay to relate and live vicariously through that when it’s all fun and games, however these are ongoing issues that often kill these artists. And when that happens is that “the hip-hop community is violent.”

Aoki Lee also uses her TikTok moment to address the perceived lack of appreciation of black art in American history despite its influence. Hit play to see it.


I hope this has been well articulated. Thinking of Kirshnik Khari Ball and his loved ones, the artist takes off and his fans today. But he and so many black artists deserve better than this kind of fan. Who can post the music, the speculated drama and all the rest, but not the death of him. 🖤

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TikTok creators remember takeoff

In related news, TikTok artist ASMR Roger shared a unique tribute to the late hip-hop giant Takeoff with one of his glass water bottle designs.

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The video went viral and fans sent their love and condolences to the family of the 28-year-old Migos rapper. The artist is one of many creators on the platform sharing memories of the star.


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