Apple is reportedly developing an AI health coach for the Apple Watch

Apple devices can already offer health information, but they may soon tell you how to improve. Bloomberg Sources claim that Apple is developing an AI-based health coach, dubbed Quartz, that draws on data from the Apple Watch to create personalized programs for exercise, diet, and sleep. The offer will reportedly require a subscription and will launch sometime in 2024, as long as nothing changes.

In the short term, the Health app may become more useful. Apple finally brings Health to the iPad with the release of iPadOS 17 this year, experts say. A further update will supposedly help you track your mood by answering questions about your day. You can also use Health to manage vision problems like nearsightedness. A recent rumor also hinted that Apple might release a journal app to help document your days, just like Day One.

Apple has already declined to comment. If the claims are accurate, chances are you’ll be hearing about everyone but the trainer at WWDC on June 5th. The company is expected to unveil its highly anticipated mixed reality headset at the developer event, and rumors suggest that the wearable may offer health-related features such as a VR edition of Fitness+ and a meditation tool. This initial product would be aimed at developers and power users, but a more affordable follow-up is believed to be in the works.

A training app would not be shocking. Apple still relies heavily on services to improve its results, and Quartz may appeal to those who would otherwise pay for a human trainer to rethink their habits. Apple has already made health a major selling point for its devices, particularly the Apple Watch. Of course, the trainer could further entrench Apple users: you’re less likely to switch to Android if you have to give up your watch and digital trainer at the same time.

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