Apple’s mixed reality headset may come with a magnetic cable for its external power supply

At the beginning of 2023, Bloomberg’s The next Gurman Apple mixed reality headset would have an external power supply. At the time, he said the company made the decision to discharge the battery for various reasons. Apple was concerned about the device overheating. He also wanted the headphones to be lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Ahead of WWDC 2023, the venue for Apple, Gurman has shared more information on what to expect from your portable device’s external battery. Writing in the latest version of it, he says the device, whose name is rumored, will feature two ports: a USB-C interface for data transfers and a “proprietary new charging connector.” Judging by Gurman’s description, the latter is reminiscent of Apple’s power port. The included power cord reportedly features a round tip that magnetically attaches to the Apple headphones. After you insert the wire, Gurman says you twist it to lock it in place.

MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12


As for the power supply, it’s about the size of an iPhone and looks similar to the one from Apple (pictured above). The component can reportedly power the wearable for up to two hours on a single charge. Pack recharging involves a USB-C cable connected to a MacBook Pro power adapter. Gurman speculates that Apple will allow customers to purchase additional packs separately, since one alone provides very little uptime.

More than anything, Gurman’s latest report underscores just how much of a first-generation product Apple’s headphones will be when they arrive later this year. With the device employing such a cumbersome power supply method and priced at a rumored $3,000, it’s hard to imagine the average consumer going without buying Apple’s latest device.

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