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Archer: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show, According To Reddit

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With its 13th season ending soon, it’s clear that Goalkeeper it has become a beloved cartoon institution of the raunchier variety. Throughout the show’s years on the air, its fans have rejoiced at each hilarious new reinvention that has kept the show fresh.

Despite this popularity, some viewers are dissatisfied with the show and actually have complaints. Although most fans are as dedicated as they were in the beginning, some have developed some unpopular thoughts about the series and have taken to Reddit to air their grievances.


Archer pilot is bad

Pilot episodes are crucial to a show’s success, and a first impression can often make or break a series. User ruutti was not impressed with Goalkeeper‘s pilot when they said, “Pilot was a horrible episode with horrible animation.”

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The premiere episode, “Mole Hunt,” may not be the best of the series, but it did an excellent job of introducing Sterling Archer as a character and helped set the tone going forward. He obviously did something right because the show is still airing to this day, and H. Jon Benjamin received an Emmy nomination for his performance in it.

playful dingo is better than archer

Comparing two disparate pieces of media is often unfair, but some things are so similar that the comparison comes down to a matter of opinion. User avoozl42 had a particularly apt comparison in mind when he said of Goalkeeper “Playful Dingo was better.”

Generally considered one of the funniest shows from the early days of Adult Swim, playful dingo was also created by Goalkeeper creator Adam Reed and uses a similar art style. Although the preference of any audience member may vary, Goalkeeper it has proven to be a more refined idea with much more longevity than its predecessor.

Archer’s animation has improved, but at the cost of his narration

Unlike previous decades, shows are not expected to produce 20 to 25 episodes per season, and the overall quality of television has improved. However, user alaninsitges took a different tack when he wrote “I’d rather have more episodes than better quality animation.”

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There is no denying that the quality of the animation in Goalkeeper has improved since its debut, but lowering the animation quality doesn’t necessarily mean more episodes. Although animation is a big part of a cartoon series, the sharp and witty writing is what makes it Goalkeeper so special. Extending the seasons would risk overloading the writers and leading to lackluster episodes.

Archer’s secondary characters are more interesting than its protagonistWoodhouse serves Archer coffee in Archer

Most shows aim to make their main character the most loved by fans, but the black comedy of Goalkeeper makes it almost impossible. User budgiebum had less love for the titular super-spy when he wrote “I like the supporting characters better than Archer. They’re funny, but they’re better.”

Goalkeeper it’s full of underrated supporting characters who often steal the show, but in the end it all comes back to the bumbling main character. One of the reasons fans tend to gravitate towards supporting characters is because they represent a single idea and are easier to identify with. As goofy as he is, Sterling Archer is a complicated character who has multiple sides to his personality, both good and bad.

The archers’ rivalry with Cyril is getting old

Though Goalkeeper has branched out into a more serialized format over the years, some relationships have remained constant. User lordolxinator complained about one feud in particular when he said, “The ‘Archer doesn’t like Cyril and Cyril vehemently despises Archer’ gimmick got old pretty quickly.”

Many sad things have happened to poor Cyril in Goalkeeper, and the show does a great job of sticking with its reasons for despising Archer. Though they’ve worked together on several occasions, the mean things Archer did to Cyril far outweigh any camaraderie they’ve gained on missions.

Archer peaked in season 3

As the show passes the decade mark in terms of seasons, fans will inevitably jump at the chance to declare it dead. User _boj deleted the series early when he expressed the unpopular opinion of it, writing “mine is that it peaked around season 3”.

Although any show will struggle to be perfect after a decade of seasons, episodes like the twelfth season’s “Mission: Difficult” prove that the show can still hit its stride. Even if it feels different from your first outings, Goalkeeper is a rare example within the adult animation genre of a show that has remained consistent throughout its long run.

Archer was better when his story was less linear

The first years of Goalkeeper they were defined by individual episodes that were unrelated to each other, but still funny. One deleted user lamented the change in the show’s format when he said “I liked it better when the episodes weren’t tied together as much.”

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As the relationships on the show grew, it became necessary to arc the narratives across multiple episodes and even entire seasons. as a testament to Goalkeeper‘s incredible humor, any episode can be enjoyed out of order, and jokes still land without full knowledge of the plot. Serialized narratives have helped bring the story to life without detracting from the unique jokes.

The archer’s vice is bad

Real-world problems can sometimes call for a change in fictional media, and the fifth season of Goalkeeper it was all the pig with its change of format. User Ryanbomo came out in defense of archer’s vice when they said “I loved season 5. I liked the feel of a one-season story arc and felt like the story was really well done.”

The change was so shocking that many fans were instantly put off by the differences and haven’t been back since. However, the controversy archer’s vice The season is not without its fans, and the series has held season-long arcs ever since. While changing something comforting and familiar is usually not welcome, it was the right decision to ensure that Goalkeeper it would continue to air for years to come.

Archer in general is overrated

Judging television is an inherently subjective matter, but some viewers have concluded that Goalkeeper gets too much love User PaddysChub432 expressed that controversial thought when he said “That whole series is so overrated, but it does have its moments.”

From the outside looking in, a fandom can seem overly obsessive and dismissive of criticism. However, all forms of media are neither overrated nor underrated, but are best judged by the individual. What’s hilarious to some may not be funny to others, and to say something is overrated is to attribute too much personal opinion to a show intended for a broader audience.

Archer’s jokes have gone lame

Goalkeeper is defined by its jokes, but some viewers can’t help but feel drained by the series’ reliance on them. User Beastgunner was tired of the overused jokes as he explained, “That some of the recurring jokes get lost…it’s a bit overused at this point.”

Any run-of-the-mill joke can get old if overused, and Goalkeeper is certainly guilty of coining a disproportionate amount of catchphrases and recurring jokes. However, it is important to watch the show episode by episode. Although the show has die-hard viewers tuning in every week, the jokes work best for casual viewers looking for something familiar to tie their experience from season to season.

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