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Ashanti Says Irv Gotti Lied About Writing ‘Happy’ And More Stories He Told About Her: ‘He’s Not In A Good Place Mentally’

After being silent for a while, asanti finally reply to irv gotti Talking negatively about her in recent interviews, and she kept it cute!

The CEO of Murda Inc. signed the “Happy” singer to his label in the early 2000s, where the songbird took over the charts with several solo hits. Irv recently did a press campaign for a documentary about his reign and the fall of his company, while sharing details of his alleged affair with the singer.

Ashanti apparently calls Irv Gotti a narcissist

While chatting with the New York radio legend angie martinez In an interview published this week, Ashanti gave her perspective on how Irv shared his feelings for her with various media outlets.

It is very unfortunate the way Irv decided to handle his documentary. it’s a bit sad […]I feel like the way he handled it tarnished and cheapened the brand.

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He called out his loyalty for allegedly abandoning him when he faced legal trouble. The narrative is false, she said, as there are photos that prove she was in court with him. She added that she believes Irv is being intentional in trying to hurt her due to her state of mind and apparently called him a narcissist.

I feel like Irv is not in a good place mentally. You see people who have narcissistic ways…and as an adult woman, there is a difference between how women and men are hurt and how we carry that pain.

GettyImages 137301387 scaled e1659934454589
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 18: (L-R) Ashanti and Irv Gotti attend the grand reopening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club on January 18, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Ashanti addresses relationship with Irv Gotti

As for addressing the intimate details of her relationship with Irv Gotti, Ashanti seems to think she’s exaggerating that in her response. She even went so far as to say that he “flatly lied”.

I think sometimes when[…]you can think it’s something and the other person knows it’s not and you manifest this thing into something big and it’s really not that[…]and then that person realizes that it’s not that, it makes them a completely different person.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Irv has outright lied about a lot of things. Pillow talk is a dangerous thing. For a long time, I have no desire to expose certain things. I am happy, I am. in a different space.

Ashanti calls Irv Gotti the memory of writing “Happy”, his hit song he wrote, “Dumb-nesia”

I wrote “Happy” in the parking lot of the CW Post College. He was actually on his way to see T.the Nutcracker with my aunt and cousins ​​and my Mazda 626. And I wrote “Happy” in the parking lot at night waiting for my cousin or someone to show up. As for the rhythm, Irv and Chink did the rhythm.

Do you know what my cousin calls that? Dumbnesia.

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The singer says she had “love” for Gotti before his negative behavior

Many of Irv’s critics think the Hip Hop mogul’s unprovoked pillow talk about Ashanti is inexcusable, but she thinks it’s just because he’s “hurt” and mentally ill since he threw mud on her name in interviews.

In my heart, I feel that Irv is hurt. And she doesn’t know where to put his pain. And he doesn’t know how to channel it as a man. And he’s sad and all this personality he’s putting on[…]From what I know, Irv comes from a beautiful family. All this tough gangster that he is representing is not [real].

Angie also asked directly about Irv painting the picture of them having a “great love story” while she was signed to the label. Ashanti did not directly confirm that there was a relationship, but acknowledged that Irv benefited financially from her while she had “love” for him.

I definitely had genuine love for Irv because he 100% helped me turn my life around. You know, we had some of the most amazing times just writing records, touring, making history. For example, having chemistry with someone to write these records with, and being a woman in hip-hop and R&B, was a perfect fit.

But don’t get me wrong… he was making a lot of money.

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