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Friday, September 30, 2022

Asia Cup Cricket: Rizwan and Nawaz get Pakistan against India

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20220925 122507 1

Pakistan beat India from the penultimate ball of the match by five wickets.

Muhammad Rizwan scored a goal with 71 to lead Pakistan to victory over India by five wickets in the inaugural Super Four match of the Asian Cup.

Chasing 182 to win, the 73-game match between Rizwan and left-hander Muhammad Nawaz (42) helped Pakistan achieve its goal with a single ball in Dubai on Sunday, the second time the two teams met in a week after his absence. I played for about a year.

Rizwan came out after a consecutive half-century in the seventeenth half, but Khushdil Shah, the 14th undefeated, and Asif Ali, who hit 16 from eight balls, made sure Pakistan crossed the goal line against Arshdeep Singh.

Deferred after Arshdeep dropped an easy shot for a short third man, Asif shot forty-six before dropping, with two balls left, leaving Iftikhar Ahmed to cut the remaining two runs.

Earlier, 60th Virat Kohli led India to 181 for seven after Babar Azam asked her to bat first.

Kohli, who hit 60 of 44 before running out in the final, helped India survive a stutter in the middle standings for a competitive aggregate.

He reached the 32nd half of the century on 36 balls with six-ball bowler Muhammad Hassanein amid chants of “Kohli, Kohli” in a crowded stadium.

The spinner-legged Shadab Khan stood out with two characters against 31 out of four.

“It was a very stressful match and you can’t let anything slip by,” India captain Rohit Sharma said after the match.

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When there was a partnership in the middle with Rizwan and Nawaz, we were still calm and believing [in ourselves]But the partnership lasted longer than we could have hoped and they played brilliantly. There will be times when things don’t go as planned, but I believe in the possibilities of these things [younger] comrades.

ā€œIt was a good learning experience when you play games like this. Normally, 180 is a good result on any court but if you don’t take a share in the middle it will always be difficult.ā€

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