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Avatar: The Way of Water’s Box Office Total Is Already Making Waves

Go back to the box office Avatar: The Path of Water they have begun to arrive and signal great success for James Cameron. The mega-blockbuster, which opened on December 16 in the United States, has grossed $17 million in previews Thursday night, as well as around $69 million so far in global markets, including China.

Even more impressive, the film is already tracking to earn between $400 and $500 million total worldwide in its opening weekend. Should avatar 2 to actually hit this expected total, would dramatically improve the original film’s relatively slow debut, which only opened to $77 million in the United States. Despite this openness, Avatar rose to the top of the all-time box office rankings thanks to 3D surcharges and an impressive ability to keep audiences coming back to Pandora week after week.

Avatar: The Path of Water it can achieve similar staying power to its predecessor, even if you’re starting with a much larger opening weekend ride. If he can sustain this success and attract enough curious viewers and repeat customers, then his big debut could help him become a phenomenon of similar size to the original, even if it breaks his predecessor’s total box office record of $2.7 billion dollars ( after a few re-releases in the 13 years since its release) it still seems a bit far from predictable.

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