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Bangladesh News: Is the politics of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in danger because of India? The anger of the fundamentalists will be heavy!

DhakaElections are to be held in Bangladesh in the year 2023 and one year after that i.e. in 2024, the time to repay the loan will start. The country which used to rob applause from political pundits till 4-5 years ago, is forced to listen to their criticisms today. Things are getting tougher for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as well. Hasina is the leader of Bangladesh who is not only popular in the country but also praised by people abroad. But now it seems that both Bangladesh and Hasina are going to have a tough time. Politically, if Hasina seems to be losing her ground, then economically and socially her country seems to be struggling. If experts are to be believed, the reason for this is dependence on India and because of this, time is going to be very challenging for Hasina.

foreign minister came to india
Last month, AK Abdul Momin, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, visited India. Momin had come at a time when Islamic countries around the world started cutting off India on the statement of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Bangladesh was the only Muslim country which did not issue any statement on this entire episode. Because of this, Hasina’s government was criticized a lot in her country as well. Radical Hasina is very angry with this stand of the government. However, Momin’s aim was to participate in the bilateral Joint Consultative Commission (JCC) meeting. Momin had earlier visited India in May as well. At that time he had met his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar in Guwahati. During this, he had sought his suggestion on the import of crude oil from Russia. Bangladesh feared that the country might be banned because of Russia. Bangladesh Hindu: The house of Hindus kept burning for 2 days in Bangladesh, the temple was destroyed, the world kept silent, pleaded with Modi
India’s dependency
Abdul Momin, the representative of a government that has cracked down on Islamic extremists, faced fierce rivals and strengthened PM Hasina’s monopoly. According to experts, Hasina’s problem is that she is politically dependent on India, which is now becoming a complicated subject for her. Experts believe that India is slowly on the way to prove itself as a Hindu nation. The same thing is going to weigh heavily on PM Sheikh Hasina. She has to understand that she cannot anger the fundamentalists of her country. The Rohingya crisis has become another problem for Hasina. Hasina has to pay a ‘balancing act’ between the trio of US, China and India. She has been doing it successfully for the last few years. But the road is not easy.

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Bangladesh’s troubles are not less from the US side as well. The US has made preparations to impose sanctions on the Rapid Action Battalion, a unit of Bangladesh Police. This is the Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism Unit of Bangladesh Police, which is often accused of human rights abuses. Recently, a new ambassador was appointed by the government in Washington. This decision was taken when a Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs decided to visit the embassy.

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the atmosphere is not good
The atmosphere in the country is not good for Hasina now. At the same time, it is also true that if Hasina loses the election, then it will be a bad day for the people here. There is a lot of turmoil going on in the country economically, socially and politically and all this is going to be very difficult for Hasina. When Hasina won the 2018 elections, her party Awami League was accused of rigging. Experts believe that the situation in the country should not be similar to that when Hasina’s father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was ruling here. He made a one-party country but could not control the famine of 1974. The country has made a lot of economic progress during Hasina’s tenure but it is not enough. Bangladesh’s foreign debt has increased by 21.8 percent on GDP. At the same time, spending on imports has increased by 44 percent, forex reserves have come down to $ 42 billion and only for 5 months is enough.
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There are many challenges ahead
US sanctions after the Russia-Ukraine war have increased inflation worldwide. The reason was with that why Momin had to come to India. Momin had come to request that the anti-dumping duty imposed on Bangladeshi jute exports should be removed. There is no doubt that Bangladesh’s economic growth has been phenomenal but it would be futile to expect economic miracles. Experts believe that the democracy of the country for which Hasina applauds is itself corrupt. Hasina has decided that neither the Islamic nor the opposition party should get a chance for clean elections and the same thing can go against her. But the biggest danger in front of them are those people who earn money in a wrong way. For the time being, it has to be seen how Haseena faces the challenges.

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