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Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Addresses Toxic DC Studios Report

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson addresses a new report that his relationship with DC Studios is turning toxic, calling them “100% false.”

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Amid various changes in the studio, black adam‘s Dwayne Johnson addresses a recent report that his relationship with DC Studios has turned toxic. Johnson had been in talks to join the comic book franchise for over a decade before finally donning the mantle of Black Adam, though he was initially interested in the role of Shazam for the film of the same name. black adam it finally hit theaters last October to generally mixed reviews from critics and a disappointing performance at the box office, and with James Gunn now at the helm at DC Studios and making a new plan for the DC Universe, some have begun to question the connections of certain talents with the study.


A recent report claimed that, after several changes to the study, dwayne johnson unfollowed both Warner Bros. and DC on Instagram. the black adam The producer/star subsequently took to Twitter to address these claims, calling the reports “100% not trueand acknowledging that they will come during a “incredibly toxic timeSee what Johnson had to say below:

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Dwayne Johnson’s Reported DC Problems Explained

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

Even outside of the report claiming he had unfollowed the two studios on Instagram, a variety of other stories have surfaced in recent months about Johnson’s reported problems working with DC. The blockbuster star was said to have gone from previous DC Films boss Walter Hamada to current Warner Bros. Pictures bosses Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy to push Henry Cavill for a cameo appearance as Superman in black adam. Johnson recently confirmed these reports, stating that neither study had any interest in bringing the Iron Man back into the fold until the new DCU creative convinced them to change their minds.

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Johnson has also reportedly balked at initial plans for Black Adam and Shazam to face off in the DCU, as is the case in the comics, with the actor reportedly disliking the latter character and even turning down a request for a cameo in Shazam! fury of the gods. Following recent indications that black adam was about to lose WB up to $100 million after a disappointing performance at the box office, the actor took to his social media to ensure that his DCU debut would actually net the studio between $52 and $72 million, even noticing how the original Captain America movie, the first avenger, grossed just $370 million against its production budget of $140 million. Despite all of these controversies, Johnson has publicly expressed his excitement for what the future holds for him in the comic book franchise, yet that leads to the question on many audiences’ minds.

Does Black Adam influence Gunn’s DCU future?

Dwayne Johnson sits on a throne as Black Adam

For the first time in the franchise’s nearly decade-long run, the DCU finally gets a proper plan from Gunn and studio co-head Peter Safran for the next decade, albeit with wonder woman 3 scrapped and Cavill’s Superman return nixed before it really started, many are wondering if Johnson’s return black adam will be a factor in this plan. Given the underwhelming reception to the 2022 film and its haphazard ties to the larger universe, it would make sense for Gunn and Safran to move forward without the anti-hero, though Gunn says they’re listening to fans in developing these plans and reception. of the audience. being much more favorable, Johnson could have a chance to return. In the meantime, viewers can catch up on black adam now streaming on HBO Max.

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