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Blueface and Chrisean trade insults online after Rock calls Jaidyn Alexis “Broke B***h”

blue face Y christian rock they disagree…again. Just days after a bloodied and bruised Rock filed domestic violence complaints against the rapper and quickly withdrew them, the two exchanged insults, shared text threads and exposed secretly recorded conversations.

All in all, a messy Thursday for the internet’s most talked about triangle situation. And Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s children, became the center of her latest feud when Blue came to her defense against Rock.

“Everyone has done an interview or spoken live about my BM and vice versa. Let’s maintain the same respect and stop making it seem like someone’s word or existence is more important than the other,” she tweeted. “My BM is the most loyal to me in the situation and no one can beat that fr l

Let it shine.

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Chrisean Calls Jaidyn “Da Broke B***h” On Clapback

Blueface’s tweet plays on words Chrisean addressed to Jaidyn following the online circulation of the mother’s recent interview. Jaidyn told reality star Meghan James that she doesn’t respect Rock and Blue’s relationship.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Jaidyn said. He added: “When he and I were in a relationship, no one showed me respect.”

He later named the seven Chrisean tattoos with Blueface’s name and face. “childish” and claimed Rock “The mental stability is not there.” In the interview, Jaidyn did not reveal any fear of having unprotected sex with Blueface, regardless of their other sexual interactions. In early October, Chrisean came out as single after Jaidyn shared footage of Blueface sleeping in her bed after her birthday.

As a result, Rock first noted that Meghan clearly wanted to sit with her instead of Jaidyn, given the many mentions of her name in the interview. He then insulted Jaidyn’s status in her love triangle.

“So talking about your baby daddy being a side bitch. no points to either party in this situation, no reason to grovel like you’re not a broke bitch in the equation,” Chrisean tweeted.

Meghan responded twice to Rock, affirming her decision to interview Jaidyn. She responded in a tweet, “No, we actually wanted Jaidyn because we’ve never heard of HER POV; everyone knows your point of view.

Chrisean says Blue is defending Jaidyn to spite her over abuse claims

Rock did not allow Blueface to defend the mother of his children. She responded to her tweet, claiming that he is choosing sides due to his abuse allegations. “disturbed the fucked up world” your image

“Respectfully sorry, that same nigga kicked his family out so I could come live with you guys,” Chrisean responded. blacks can’t silence me when I mess up, I’m gonna blow my shit up.

He followed it up with a tweet calling Blueface a narcissist that included a screenshot of a text message he allegedly sent her. The text said it was “so gross” and selfish of Rock to put it online given that “wounds heal”, but “Some things you just can’t get back.” Rock added to his tweets also live on Instagram.

“You are a narcissist fr so yeah accept by ab***h that I really don’t care if we fucked ’em up bad. That life made you accept for her what fucked me with her when you already shit in her corridor is just petty shit in rn.

Blueface says he’ll still have his “way with these hoes”

The rapper followed Chrisean’s example of exposing private conversations. He posted a short clip from a year of him listening to Rock telling someone he’s going “with the flow because it is beneficial”. In an Instagram Story post, he wrote that he is in no rush to settle down as he sees who will stay.

“I’ll keep getting away with these hoes in sync and these hoes are gone, keep letting me play with them as long as it’s a beneficial ending to the story, y’all can feel bad for them if you want,” Blueface wrote.

He also denied being a narcissist on Twitter.

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