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Bobby Shmurda reveals he was sent to solitary confinement for receiving fellatio during a prison visit

Bobby Shmurda recently dropped a little prison tale on Drinking Champs, leaving Fans in stitches for his storytelling! The artist spent six years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and possession. Since his release in February 2021, the Good uncle The rapper has brought the joy of the black man to social networks with his dance steps and his return to music.

Bobby Explains How He Gets Weird Behind Bars

While we chop it up with the DC Guys, Bobby revealed that he got weird behind bars. And spontaneous sexual pleasure landed him in solitary confinement! NORE pulled the story out of Bobby after asking him if he had ever had sex with a woman while he was locked up.

The artist admitted that “I have some neck” but that sexual relationship was almost impossible given the cameras.

“I have a bit of a neck. The reason I don’t have sex is because they used to rape me. They used to put all the brothers in the good houses, they put me in the house with all the cameras,” Bobby said. “They like ‘no, you in the top security lockdown.’

But the threat of lockdown didn’t stop the rapper from accommodating his wishes during visits. He revealed that he had to “go to the checkout all the time” behind removing the rocks, though he did not reveal who was helping him finish the job.

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Bobby shares the ups and downs of his career

Bobby also opened up about the ups and downs of his career, from going viral to his stint in prison. Throughout the talk, Bobby’s personality was on full display, from heartwarming laughs to lively storytelling.

And when the artist isn’t dropping new songs or whining on social media, they’re also giving back to the community. He blessed several families in the same year that officials granted him his freedom.

On Father’s Day, he teamed up with The Win Shelter in Brooklyn to host a Caribbean-inspired brunch. In addition to feasting on Jamaican salmon, stewed chicken, macaroni and cheese, and more, children in attendance received goodies such as game consoles, action figures, princess-themed costumes, and more. The rapper and the shelter celebrated the parents with new clothes, underwear and shoes. and even books.

A few months later, in October, he donated 2,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to students throughout New York City.

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