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Bobby Shmurda Seemingly Responds After Viral Video Apparently Shows Him Lying In Bed

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20220925 180931

Bobby Shmurda has time today! The ‘Hot S**t’ rapper took to Instagram to vent after becoming a hot topic online after a video surfaced of him in bed. Although Bobby did not confirm or deny that he was in the video, he apparently addressed the narrative that people were trying to portray of him as he prepares for an upcoming tour.

In the initial post, Bobby wrote, “When the hate doesn’t work they start telling lies,” followed by laughing emojis. He elaborated on the caption of his photo and said, “That’s why they’re still broke after all these years. You spend your time in silliness and caps to make everyone feel better. Tap into reality, go get some #viralpost from Shmoney.”

Bobby wasn’t done there. Hours later, he wrote another post saying: “The tour is coming up and the labels always showed me how they control and work whatever narrative they want and control the media to some extent.” He continued, “How much are the bots costing all of you? I just won $200K last week. I’m trying to buy some shit cuz odeee yang sucking. I can’t exploit the internet, so have fun.”

The gender identity of the other person in the video remains unclear, but that didn’t stop people from speaking out. However, some roommates had a hard time understanding her message. One said, “Man, baby Bobby, write it again but in English.” Another said: “Is it just me but I don’t understand what he is saying or trying to say.”

Either way, Bobby seems a bit calm and focused on the positive things in his life, like promoting his upcoming tour, ‘The Bodmon Tour’. The rapper announced the tour with his friend Rowdy Rebel, GS9 Gino and clothes. The tour begins on October 10.

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Roommates, what do you think of his answer?

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