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‘Boy Meets World’ Stars Explained Which Episode Made Them ‘Uncomfortable’

boy meets world and the adventures of Cory Matthews, his best friend Shawn Hunter, and his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence basically raised millennials.

The show covered all the high-impact topics like family drama, drugs, crime, and sex, but sometimes, the actors didn’t like their presentation.

The episode in question is season 5, episode 22 “Prom-ises, Prom-ises,” where Shawn, Topanga, and Cory consider going all the way with their dates on prom night. However, Danielle and Rider said that they did not agree with the execution of the plot.

“The fact that we wouldn’t mention Cory and Topanga using condoms or arguing about birth control and yet the whole episode was about whether or not they would,” Rider said.

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Rider even mentioned her frustrations to executive producer Michael Jacobs that the episode didn’t include safe-sex options for teens.

“I remember being so upset, and I brought it up. I remember talking to Michael about it and saying, ‘Can we talk about this? You may not understand it generationally, but we were growing up in the age of AIDS; this is something we need to talk about. When you talk about losing your virginity, you talk about how you’re going to do it and how to be sure about it.’”

Danielle agreed. She felt “very uncomfortable all week for similar reasons.”

“I don’t have any specific memories other than just, a little bit, creepy about the week.”

Rider and Danielle may have a point. Honestly, I still don’t hear a lot of talk about protection on my favorite shows with “teenagers” today. I’m looking at you, Euphoria.

What do you think? Should shows include the talk? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

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