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Britney Spears puts a ‘racy’ content sharing break in ‘concerted effort’ to patch things up with her kids (exclusive)

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Britney Spears You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time, oh no. After months of sharing nude photos and videos of her on Instagram, hollywoodlife has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Britney, 40, is finally turning the page in hopes of mending the broken relationship between her two children and her ex-husband. kevin federline44 — Jayden16, and Sean Preston17. “Britney is now making a concerted effort to repair her relationship with her children. She has refrained from posting what her friends call ‘risque’ photos and videos on her Instagram for two weeks,” a source close to the “Hold Me Closer” singer said.

in a itv In an interview that aired on September 2, Jayden criticized her famous mother’s inability to stay dressed on social media, stating, “It’s almost like I have to put something on Instagram to get attention. This has been going on for years and years and years, and there’s a high probability that this will never really stop, but I’m hopeful that maybe she will.” At that time, Britney did not stop. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The pop princess, who was under the guardianship of her father for 13 years, jamie spears, 70, posted endless photos and videos of herself in nothing while frolicking in the sand on vacation and in bed at home. In all of these posts, Britney had emojis covering her private parts.

However, for the past 35 posts, Britney has tamed her feed down. Instead of bawdy and obscene content, she has been posting meaningful quotes from her favorite poems. She has been sharing images of herself on her daily morning bike rides to the beach, as well as videos of herself dancing in her living room. In dance videos, Britney’s outfit choices have been edgy, but not as dangerous as her counterparts. The source told us that those closest to Britney were finally able to reach her. “While those around Britney think it’s wonderful that she is so proud of her body, they were also able to make her see why this may be inappropriate for her children, who only want what’s best for her,” the source said.

“Everyone knows that she is beautiful and the people around her understand why, after being locked up in her conservatorship for so long, she wanted to express herself. Britney is beginning to see why this might make her children feel a certain way. Her friends believe this change will make Jayden and Sean Preston welcome her into their lives,” the source revealed. “She told those around her that if this is the only obstacle, she will do her best to stay in the safe lane and keep her page PG from her. She’s really trying to do it because she misses her kids. She wants them to be proud of their mom.”

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