Bronny James landed a Hollywood NIL contract

bronny james he was born at the right time. With the NIL runway clear for takeoff, James flies to cruising altitude. He’s doing so well that you’ll probably see a commercial for him many times during the NBA playoffs. In an advertisement for the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. James’s face is on it more than even Vin Diesel’s.

James hasn’t made up his mind yet post high school plans. One option off the table is the NBA, because the new CBA didn’t just get rid of one and that’s it. Whichever decision you make, you won’t need to ask mom and dad for pizza money while you’re there.

According to, James won the most NIL money of any athlete in 2022-23, and it’s not close. At $7.2 million, he earned nearly $4 million more than Arch Manning and Olivia Dunne before announcing where he’ll play basketball in 2023-24.

Where will Bronny James play?

The NBA has never been a necessity for James. Coming from a wealthy family, he would have the financial support to thrive in whatever industry he chose. Even with the cushion of one of the world’s most luxurious mattresses to lie on, it looks like James has been working hard on his game. From the Nike Peach Jam 2022 explorers have noticed a significant improvement.

James’ strength for much of his high school career has been his defense and athleticism. This season, he has become a threat in attack. His playmaking ability and his shooting have improved a lot. He scored 15 points at the McDonald’s All-American game in March, all coming from 3-pointers. Ten days later, during the World vs. USA At the Nike Hoops Summit, he scored seven of his 11 points in the fourth quarter. He was the only player on the US roster who has yet to make a decision on where he will play next season.

With the money he’s making and will continue to make, once James makes the decision to go to college, he might as well stay for four years. As for being the “big man on campus”, no one will have been bigger than him. A household name with its own millions. He could stay in the dorm long enough to please the coaches as a freshman, and still have his own condo in his name a couple of miles from campus.

In the NBA, you’ll be able to earn some ad money because of your name, but you’ll likely be a role player. In college, he’s going to be the star of the team and get big minutes whether or not he scores 20 points a game. James will regularly play in nationally televised games.

he can be in Fast and Furious commercials, making a cameo appearance in a Kevin Hart movie, and even starting his own fast food chain to compete with dad’s Blaze Pizza. James is an athlete, so if he decides to stay in school after the 2023-24 season, with summer school he can keep his course load light enough to continue to improve both his game and his net worth. .

This new world of NIL couldn’t have opened up at a better time for young Bronny. A world in which a high school jock can appear in a commercial announcing a film franchise that began when his world-famous father was in high school two decades ago.

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