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Buffy: Spike Finally Explains the REAL Reason Angel Hates Him

Both the original Buffy and Angel series have covered in great detail why Spike hates Angel, but why does Angel hate him so much?

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In buffy the vampire slayer and its consequent spin-offs, Angel Y Peak they have always had an enmity between them. Regardless of whether they’re fighting on the same side or enemies on opposite sides of the fence, these two can’t stand each other. Beyond the fact that the two men are two sides of the same coin, always destined to clash because they’re too alike, there’s never been a concrete reason why they hate each other so much.

Episodes like Angel’s “Destiny” rationalize why Spike hates Angel, explaining that it all started when the latter slept with the love of Spike’s life, Drusilla, decades ago just for fun. As Angelus, she mentally tormented Spike as she would any other of his victims for no reason, leaving Spike to blame for Angel turning into a monster. The women in his life (Buffy included) could also explain Angel and Spike’s constant bickering, but on paper, Angel doesn’t have a reason to hate Spike as venomously as Spike hates him, but he does.


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However, Spike can understand why Angel returns the same level of hate. In Angel #8 by Bryan Edward Hill and Gleb Melnikov, Gunn asks Spike if Angel really hates him, to which Spike says Angel, “He hates his own reflection. When you’re a vampire, you make people your mirrors.” This definitely explains why the two hate each other so much.

Angel and Spike hate each other because they look too much alike.

Spike asks Gunn about Angel.

If vampires are reflections of each other, this has to be especially true for Angel and Spike, whose lives have been parallel in many ways. As parallel musings, Spike reminds Angel of the worst parts of himself that he used to be and, in a way, he still is. It’s the exact same reason Spike hates Angel.

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Even years after Angel already redeemed himself, Spike still sees Angel as Angelus every time he looks at him. By proxy, Spike is a walking reminder of Angel’s harsh past that he still feels guilty about. Spike, meanwhile, always takes the opportunity to remind Angel of his past misdeeds and Angel hates him for it. Angel hates himself more than anything, but if he can only spend so much time beating himself up emotionally, then he can emotionally and physically beat up someone who looks so much like himself.

Angel and Spike have longed for buffy the vampire slayerand both are reformed vampires with valid reasons to hate each other.

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